Nansen Connect: Web3 Messaging App To Reshape Crypto Messaging

Nansen Connect: Web3 Messaging App To Reshape Crypto Messaging

Nansen, a blockchain analytics platform, has launched an end-to-end encrypted messaging app for crypto participants to interact with each other while boosting developer accountability. The primary feature of Nansen Connect according to the company is compatibility with blockchain and analytical access.

Messaging Tenure on Web 3.0

The Nansen company said that making the blockchain data of users widely available will encourage community building and developer accountability. This transparency should help reduce scams like the Discord moderator hacks that have befallen the NFT community of The Bored Ape.

For starters, the Nansen company believes that a blockchain wallet is a form of identity. According to a social perspective, the wallet labeling services spearheaded by Nansen work more like a game. A wallet shows specific qualities about an individual. Advanced users can choose what they show to the world.

Blockchain addresses can as a result grant savvy users notable social clout. Nansen Connect would bridge the missing element that prevents users from leveraging addresses as a form of identity. It forms a way to form groups via blockchain data and a way to communicate between and within these groups.

This messaging app allows users to log in with their crypto wallet, and select a user name based on Nansen wallet labels. Users can join groups according to their crypto holdings and on-chain behaviors, and send DMs to other users with end-to-end encryption. This app also allows users to track key collection statistics and the user holding information in real-time. Eventually, users can build OTC channels for more efficient trading.

The Web3 Messaging App

Nansen believes that this app is a natural fit for a social app. This new product pivots Nansen to being a social hub rather than an information hub. It’s an evolution from individual labels into identities and communities. This app would also help users navigate the uncharted world of Web3.

Collectors on Nansen Connect can monitor in real-time whether developers are dumping their holdings hence reducing scam risks. Communities would also be able to filter noise within their ranks. This is because it will be easier to recognize and acknowledge the highest conviction holders. Users would also be able to join groups based on their holdings, view key stats about a collection, and move between the user wallet profiles and chat interface.

Paul Harwood, a Nansen product manager, said in a statement, ”while certain Web3 platforms can be used to token-gate communities, they rely on plugins and are rife with problems. The app is intended to be a secure crypto-native method for users and groups to explore the frontiers of Web3 communication.”

Subscribers of Nansen and certain NFT holders will initially be eligible to join the company. At launch, label-based channels will include Nansen Announcements, Bluechip Holder, Airdrop Pro, Smart Money, Medium Dex Trader, Millionaire Club, Rare NFT Collector, and GM. Collections with dedicated channels at launch will include Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, Pudgy Penguins, Cyberkongz, KaijuKingz, Parallel, Hashmasks, and Weirdo Ghost Gang, along with BAYC, Moonbirds, Azuki, Doodles, and CloneX.

Nansen bought decentralized finance (Defi) portfolio tracker Ape Board in May. They planned to combine its analytics with Ape Board’s portfolio tracking. 

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