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From the world-renowned New York Times to regional voices such as the Arkansas Democratic-Gazette, a special section named “editor’s choice” or “editors’ pick” appears in publications around the globe.

Readers often wonder what the designation “editors’ choice” means and why specific stories make it into that section.

The editors’ choice section is usually a curated collection of stories and articles of significant public interest. A website will select, feature, and direct attention toward several pieces deemed the most current, most important, most interesting, or most informative pieces of the day, week, or month.

All breaking stories, op-eds, or interviews published on a website are usually eligible for bumping up to the editors’ choice section.

But not all stories are written equally. Some may carry essential and breaking news that an editorial team feels needs to be read by more people than would usually pay attention. Other stories may present a different or more controversial point of view that editors feel may enrich the conversation around a topic.

Whether informative, interesting, or controversial, it is up to a publication’s editorial team to decide precisely what note a story strikes and whether it would be worth directing more traffic to it.

In the world of crypto, the editors’ choice can be a powerful tool for empowering readers.

While more concerted efforts are being made to rein in and regulate the crypto space, it remains a relatively unruly industry.

The safest way to navigate the dark streets of the crypto sphere is to light them with trustworthy information. News sources like crypto.news often use the editors’ choice section to sift through the hundreds or thousands of stories that come out of the crypto space every day.

The editorial team may look at the relevance of the story’s subject matter or the type of feedback an article is getting from readers before considering whether to push it via the editors’ choice or not.

Crypto needs the kind of service that a well-curated editors’ choice segment can offer. The industry is still relatively young and holds a lot of promise. Still, its reputation has been blighted by being associated with criminal activities such as money laundering and human and drug trafficking. Furthermore, crypto investors have lost hundreds of millions of dollars worth of digital assets to scammers and hackers.

If investors and the general public were better informed, then most likely, there would be fewer of them falling for scams and rug pulls. This is the critical role the editors’ choice segment plays in the crypto community: it lets people know about essential things in the space, be they new coin offerings, innovations, significant events such as halvings, or the price actions of their favorite tokens.

Due to this reason, Crypto. news has a well-curated collection of free resources, tips, and how-tos about crypto in its Editor’s choice section.

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