NFT project Azuki’s Twitter account hacked, $750,000 stolen in 30 minutes

NFT project Azuki’s Twitter account hacked, $750,000 stolen in 30 minutes

Earlier today, hackers breached Azuki’s official Twitter account, stealing over $750,000. Emily Rose, the community manager of the anime-inspired NFT project, confirmed the incident on Twitter, warning users not to click any links as they were fraudulent.

Azuki falls victim in 2023 cyberattack headline

Recent updates show that hackers gained access to Azuki’s official Twitter account and posted a fraudulent link in a phishing incident where some users lost money. Unaware users were redirected to a land minting site supposedly of Azuki’s original metaverse, The Garden

The hackers drained their assets after users signed transactions through the link. Within 30 minutes, investors lost over $750,000 worth of USDC, 122 NFTs, and over 3.9 ETH. 

According to Etherscan, most stolen money comes from a single wallet. The user fell for the scam and deposited $750,000 to the hacker’s wallet. 

Although the exact number of NFTs taken has yet to be determined, two Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs were among the 122 NFTs stolen.

Azuki’s official Twitter account has since been recovered. The platform has also deleted the fraudulent tweets.

As a precaution, Azuki advises its users not to click on any phishing links on the platform. Azuki plans to make future announcements on all its media channels simultaneously to ensure validity.

Not the first time

The recent breach isn’t the first that Azuki has experienced. Scammers targeted the platform with many hacked verified Twitter accounts in April 2022. They pushed through breached accounts an airdrop hoax and tried to scam users. 

In yet another phishing campaign, hackers attacked Robinhood’s Twitter account earlier this week. The hackers tricked the Robinhood investors into paying $0.0005 for a token dubbed “RBH ” on the BNB Smart Chain, making away with $8,000. 

The Azuki hack represents the first significant cyberattack on the cryptocurrency market in 2023.

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