Polygon partners with Xtrenity to migrate Synergy

Polygon partners with Xtrenity to migrate Synergy

According to exclusive reports, Polygon has partnered with Xtrenity, a web3 gaming development platform, to aid in transferring Synergy lands assets onto the Ethereum Virtual Machine chain.

Synergy will transfer to the EVM

Polygon, an Ethereum layer two scaling solution, has collaborated with leading blockchain gaming platform, Xtrenity to make a migration move of the blockchain game dubbed Synergy onto the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). EVM is based on Polygon’s network, indicating that Synergy will permanently move from Solana.

Xtrenity has a migrating tool that can help projects or games migrate to other chains. Synergy will hence utilize the procedure in its movement away from Solana, a blockchain platform that enables crosscutting and scalability, to Polygon, which mainly focuses on vast interactivity with the Ethereum blockchain. 

The cause for the shift is the shortages experienced on the blockchain-based network (Solana), and its losses after its partnership with FTX fell apart.

The layer two Ethereum scaling network has more than thirteen games in its ecosystem. Some include Planet IX, Zed Run, Ice Poker, Mint World, and many others. As an unknown and small project, Synergy will be among the games that joined the polygon environment.  

Polygon has seen massive traction in the crypto ecosphere that it has accumulated branded deals like former U.S. president’s (Donald Trump) digital trading card clusters, Starbucks and Reddit.

The game consumers are encouraged to link their Solana wallets, such as MetaMask and Phantom, then burn their Solana resources and re-initiating the process on the Polygon network since it is the requirement for the migration procedure.

The transfer of the action role-playing blockchain game (Synergy will adjust users from web2 to web3 playing since projects in this environment usually gain more clients and generate higher credibility and operationality of the ethereum network.

DeGods and yOOts migrated from Solana

Xtrenity Co-founder and CEO Sagi Maman stated that the organization is optimistic about accelerating blockchain gaming advancement by providing a platform where developers can select their environment and gamers will experience ownership of their digital assets.

In December last year, DeGods and yOOts, one of the greatest NFT games, migrated from Solana, where the two switched to ethereum and Polygon, respectively. YOOts declared that it wanted cheaper and faster transactions and were achievable on the ethereum s layer two networks (Polygon)

Cedric Gamelin, Polygon CEO, said they believed the company was generating an ecosystem suited to inviting the next generation of gamers to adopt blockchain technology.

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