Premium Jamaican Coffee Brand Now Tracked on VeChain Blockchain

Premium Jamaican Coffee Brand Now Tracked on VeChain Blockchain

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the latest product to be listed by Real Items–a newly launched marketplace that tracks and guarantees the authenticity of its products using the VeChainThor blockchain. 

Coffee Traceability Using the VeChainThor Blockchain

In a tweet on Sep 29, Real Item unveiled the 287-year-old Jamaican coffee brand after teasing it on Sep 24. 

Following this launch, Real Item will avail Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee with a limited non-fungible token on the enterprise-grade and high throughput platform. Consumers can extract the product’s supply chain journey by simply scanning its QR code.

David Menard, CEO of Real Items, pointed out the advantage of rolling out NFT projects in VeChain:

“VeChain Thor Blockchain makes NFT related projects more resilient to volatile market conditions. The native features have enabled us to build client-oriented services that drive real customer success without worrying about spiking gas fees. It provides us business readiness and promotes productivity by removing the scaling issues plagued on other chains.”

Grown between 2,000 and 5,000 feet–limiting the number of barrels produced every year but giving it a smooth and balanced flavor, the coffee brand is one of the most sought after. Its quality reflects on its price where a big chunk of the premium stimulant is destined for Japan.

The brand wants to ensure the authenticity of its trademark–which is issued by the Jamaica Commodities Regulatory Authority, remains unadulterated especially since the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica monitors the growth of the cash crop.

Focus on NFTs

VeChain focuses on providing enterprises with supply chain and procurement solutions, improving efficiency, transparency, and costs. 

Through the VeChain ToolChain, a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform, it continues to strike high profile partnership with clients ranging from eCommerce to healthcare.

However, its creators are training their eyes on the growing NFT space. By end of 2019, the market capitalization of the NFT ecosystem grew to $210 million but is expanded to rise to $315 million by the end of the year. VeChain is now positioning itself as a versatile platform connecting the real world with the valuable but grossly under-explored NFT space. 

Notably, developers can utilize the platform’s NFT tool-set to build shaping NFT-based solutions on a secure, high throughput, and stable VeChainThor blockchain. Already, VeChain published the VIP181 NFT standard that “natively enables NFT applications to be utilized.” Additionally, there is a Foundation Grants for NFT projects willing to migrate from other networks.

On Sep 18, BTCManager reported of Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) and Enjin partnering to reward NFT creators.

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