SBF spotted ‘chilling’ in business lounge after his $250m bail release

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SBF spotted ‘chilling’ in business lounge after his $250m bail release

The crypto community spotted the ex-CEO of the ill-fated FTX at the JFK airport’s business lounge. Bankman-Fried was ‘relaxing’ with his laptop and other belongings before his flight to San Francisco.

Do Bankman’s official numbers make sense?

Bankman-Fried has been released on bail of a record $250 million after his parents, who are law professors, paid it for him. This news has perplexed the crypto community after he claimed to have only $100,000 left in his bank account following the FTX collapse

Per the reports, his parents are law professors at Oxford. Thus the crypto community doubts his family’s ability to pay such a high bail amount. As a result, those affected by the FTX collapse have been watching his public stances lately. 

Om Christmas eve, some crypto community members saw Bankman-Fried relaxing in the JFK International Airport lounge. They even took images of the FTX EX-CEO, which depicted him sitting with complete access to tech gadgets such as a laptop and a mobile phone.

According to The Verge, the ex-CEO was accompanied by his parents, FBI agents, and lawyers. Another picture of him is on a flight to San Francisco disguised with a beanie.

These images raised questions about the validity of Bankman-Fried’s statements. Specifically, he claimed he was almost bankrupt and had no access to personal or professional data, even with having his laptop and phone. Bankman had made these claims to Maxine Waters, chair of the US House Financial Services Committee.

Reactions following the release of the images on Twitter expressed that the crypto community is not buying his story on bankruptcy. The news also comes when his ex-girlfriend, Carolyn Ellison, is cooperating with authorities to unearth what happened in FTX’s misuse of customer funds.

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