Sender Wallet, Mailchain, Exchange Art, Panony Group, and MetaWeb Complete Venture Rounds

Sender Wallet, Mailchain, Exchange Art, Panony Group, and MetaWeb Complete Venture Rounds

Several projects have announced their funding rounds amid the ongoing crypto winter. Sender Wallet, Mailchain, Exchange Art, Panony Group, and MetaWeb completed successful rounds. 

Sender Wallet Raises $4.5 Million in Funding Round

Sender, a Near-based wallet, just recently completed a successful funding round, raising $4.5 million. According to reports, this funding round was led by Pantera Capital, with others like Jump Capital, Amber Group, Capital, SevenX Ventures, Smrti Labs, WOO Network, Puzzle Ventures, Shima Capital, D1 Ventures, GFS Ventures, and Eniac Ventures.

Earlier this year, Sender Wallet raised a funding round led by Metaweb Ventures and Binance Labs. In their release, Sender noted that they would use the fund to expand the R&D team, expand the wallet ecosystem and raise Sender’s security threshold. 

Founder and CEO of Sender, Kenny recently said;

“As a strong believer in the NEAR ecosystem, we at Sender Wallet are blessed to be growing with such a vibrant community. We humbly thank the NEAR community and developers for everyone’s trust and support from day one. Current market dynamics have proven to be a powerful catalyst for development, and Sender has many exciting features in our pipeline and will bring more Web2 users into the Web3 world. I expect Sender to exceed 10 million users by the time the new market hotspot arrives next year,” 

Mailchain Raises $4.6 Million in Seed Round

Mailchain, a Web3 email platform, just recently completed a seed round, raising $4.6 million. According to reports, this funding round was co-led by Crane Venture Partners and Kenetic Capital. Among the participants in the round include Acequia Capital, Kestrel0x1, and Eterna Blockchain Fund, Charles Songhurst (former head of corporate strategy at Microsoft), Maex Ament (Centrifuge founder), Nick Ducoff (Web3 educator), and Sarah Drinkwater (community-first investor).

The new funds will help the company onboard users, protocols, and communities to its extensive services.     

A recent release states, “Mailchain modernizes email to create a Web3 inbox for all users, and a native communication platform for all blockchain projects, exchanges, and DAO.” It offers a “single inbox where users can send and receive private messages using public blockchain addresses. Teams and individuals can receive notifications about their on-chain activity and communicate with any identity, on any protocol.” Projects like exchanges, DAOs, and others using Mailchain will have a direct link of wallet-to-wallet communication to users. 

Exchange Art Raises $3.2 Million in Funding Round

Exchange Art, a Solana-based digital art marketplace, just recently announced that they completed a successful $3.2 million venture round. According to their press release, over 30 angel investors and VCs, including Layer One Ventures, participated in the round.

According to the press statement, the network will use the raised capital in product development, supporting current artists, and expanding the artist and collector base. A partner at Layer One Ventures, Ryan Bethencourt, recently said; 

“I’ve worked closely with the team for the last few months and their vision for what is possible for the future of the digital fine art market for both global artists and collectors (many millions of whom previously had no access to these markets) is breathtaking and I’m delighted to be able to back them on their journey!”

Panony Group Raises Series a Funding Round

Panony Group, a blockchain-focused incubator, and adviser, just recently closed a series A funding round led by @NGC_Ventures. The projects did not disclose the complete details associated with the funding round. However, according to sources, this funding round revalued Panony group at $100 million. 

This network was created in 2018 by Tongtong Bee and Alyssa Tsai to invest in web3-focused startups, including offering business support and advisory. 

MetaWeb Raises $30 Million in Venture Round

MetaWeb Ventures recently completed a venture round raising $30 million backed by Dragonfly Capital, Near Foundation, and Sequoia Capital. MetaWeb is a venture capital firm; they will use the funds to invest in DeFi, DAOs, Gaming, and Decentralized Social Media. MetaWeb has already invested in over 30 startups. 

MetaWeb Partner Dani Osorio recently said; 

“At the core, MetaWeb is unique in that we’re all builders who also invest – we have direct access to early projects as we can provide a very special kind of support to our founders.”

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