Several Projects Announce Successful Venture Rounds, Including SlideWeb3, Forward, Goldsky, and Doodles

Several Projects Announce Successful Venture Rounds, Including SlideWeb3, Forward, Goldsky, and Doodles

Fundraising rounds continued with several projects like SlideWeb3, Forward, Goldsky, and Doodles announcing successful rounds. Meanwhile, Northzone launched a $1 billion fund for Web3 projects.

SlideWeb3 Completes Funding Round Raising $12.3 Million

SlideWeb3, a crypto startup, recently completed a funding round raising $12.3 million. According to reports, this round was led by Polychain and @hiFramework. Several other investors, including Outlander Ventures, Circle, and Coinbase, participated in the round.

According to reports, the funds raised will help Slide hire more staff and build its infrastructure. Moreover, Slide plans to continue distributing its products to Decentralized applications.

Teymour Farman-Farmaian, The CEO and Cofounder of Slide, recently commented about the project, saying;

“We’re enabling any user, regardless of their background or experience, to be able to use Web3. It’s really hard right now for the average user to use dapps, and it’s hard for the incremental dapp to gain any exposure to normal users. Both sides are having trouble reaching each other.”

Rajiv Patel-O’Connor, Framework Ventures investor, recently said;

“Under the right circumstances, we think billions of people could come on-chain over the next decade, and we think UX (user experience) infrastructure projects like Slide will play a key role in that migration.”

Forward Raises $5 Million Seed Round

Forward, a DeFi platform, recently conducted a funding round raising $5 million. According to reports, Kasikombank(Thailand’s biggest bank) and Bank of Ayushya backed Forward in the Funding round. Accordingly, the reports indicate that Primestreet Capital led the round, with Varys Capital, GBV Capital, and Ratanakom Technology participating.

Forward is creating a decentralized derivative trading center that can match long and short positions. Instead of using limit order books, Forwards trading relies on market makers. Chanon Charatsyttikul, the Found and CEO of Forward, recently said;

“The trading volume of derivative products is approximately 3 times larger than the spot volume, and it is still growing. Thus, Forward focuses on developing a decentralized derivative platform, which is non-custodial with a system that prohibits transactions from sanctioned countries and addresses.”

Goldsky Raises $20 Million in Seed Round

Goldsky, a crypto data infrastructure company, raised $20 million in a recently completed venture round. This Funding round was led by Felicis and Dragonfly capital, while others like Elad Gil, Zach Perret, William Hockey ( Plaid founders), 0x Labs, Zhuoxun Yin (Magic Eden), Uniswap Labs, Alex Xu of Azuki, and many more.

Goldsky provides automation for creating end-to-end data pipelines. Participants can hone in on real-time data in multiple chains. The idea is to solve the problem associated with the costs of reading and processing data from smart contracts. In a statement, Goldsky said;

“Teams often find themselves doing significant amounts of data engineering to aggregate and process decentralized activity. This can run up tens of thousands of dollars and, more importantly, take valuable time away from the core product.”

Doodles Announce $54 Million Funding

Doodles, an NFT maker, just recently announced the completion of a funding round raising $54 million. According to reports, the round was led by Alexis Ohanian’s Venture capital firm called 776. Alexis is one of Reddits co-founders. After the round, Doodles was revalued at $704 million. Other investors in this funding round include FTX Ventures, 10T Holdings, and Acrew Capital.

Doodles intends to use the fund to expand its team from 11 to 30 people. In a Twitter thread, Doodles said, “All of these hires will be meticulously crafted to accomplish Doodles’ long-term goal of being the most important Web3 native entertainment brand in the world.”

Northzone Launches $1 Billion Fund for Web3

Northzone, a UK Venture firm, just recently announced the launch of a $1 billion fund. According to sources, this new fund targets the Web3 ecosystem and projects. In the past, Northzone backed startups like Spotify, Klarna, Gro Protocol, Sunscreen, and Magic Labs.

A partner at Northzone, Wendy Xiao Schadeck, recently said;

“Web3 and web2 two will likely converge in this fund cycle’s lifetime. For instance, some of the web2 fintech companies in our last fund have launched tokens, and some of our gaming companies have decided to base their follow-on rounds from web3 VCs — so it’s really hard to say exactly where the delineation will be.”

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