Stratis (STRAX): A Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

Stratis (STRAX): A Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

Stratis, an innovative blockchain-as-a-service platform that offers a variety of services to enterprises, successfully integrates the smart contract applications with the proof-of-identity consensus mechanism.

What Is Stratis?

The growing demand from financial service providers in terms of adopting blockchain technologies contributes to the development of innovations aimed at addressing the major security concerns that reflect their corporate needs. Stratis offers its clients with an opportunity to run private sidechains, thus generating additional financial and security benefits to them. Privacy and identity verification solutions enable integrating all corporate processes in the most effective manner, especially during remote operations. Stratis collaborates with many industry leaders, including Microsoft. Companies become able to utilize the full smart contract functionality without relying on the most overused networks such as Ethereum. Moreover, companies’ staff members can even test and develop their applications that may contribute to adding new tools and instruments to the existing functionality. In this way, they successfully maximize the effectiveness of their technological innovations and business potential.

The STRAX current price is $1.07 with the circulating supply of 138.4 million tokens. There is no maximum supply for STRAX tokens as complex algorithms are used to determine the optimal supply, depending on the existing users’ demand and the key tendencies in this sphere. Its total market capitalization equals $148.2 million, making it the 145th largest cryptocurrency at the moment. STRAX reached its historical maximum of above $22 at the beginning of 2018 during the previous bull run in the crypto market. Its 2021 peak was just about $4. However, the token still demonstrates a high potential for growth as it is among the trendiest tokens within the past few weeks, according to CoinMarketCap.

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Figure 1. Startis’ Promotion Image. Data Source – Stratis Platform

Investing in STRAX: Pros and Cons

The integration of the traditional financial and crypto segments contributes to the higher demand for blockchain solutions that will provide the required functionality to hi-tech and business companies with the limited experience in crypto innovations. At the same time, the competition in this segment also tends to intensify recently with the development of a large number of various blockchain offerings to individuals and corporations. Stratis needs to introduce additional innovations to successfully differentiate from the main competitors and maximize its strengths in the industry. At the moment, the long-term potential of the STRAX project is still uncertain.

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Figure 2. STRAX/USD Price Dynamics (3-Months). Data Source – CoinMarketCap

The STRAX price dynamics within the past several months is highly negative, but it is mostly caused by the overall collapse in the crypto market. However, the recent days are characterized by the token’s rapid appreciation, indicating the growing interest in its utilization by financial companies as well as investors’ expectation of the further growth. The major support levels refer to the prices of $0.40 and $0.70 that proved to be historically significant for Stratis. At the same time, the restoration to the year maximums will be possible only after exceeding the important price of $1.20. Only in this case, a sustainable trend can be formed, and investors’ long positions can be justified.

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