Twitter Coins become available to particular users

Twitter Coins become available to particular users

Twitter began the rollout of its new support for crypto payments, according to users who started sharing screenshots of a menu that allows the purchase of Twitter Coins — with 150 costing $1.99.

Reports circulating the web suggest that Twitter is proceeding with a so-called soft launch of its new crypto features. A soft launch is a process by which a company introduces a new product or service to a limited number of customers or users in a controlled and gradual manner, often in a specific geographic area or market segment.

A soft launch aims to test the product or service in a real-world environment, gather feedback from early adopters, and identify and address any issues or bugs before a wider release. The slow rollout of the crypto payment features follows Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s pursuit of regulatory and legal licenses to integrate such financial features into the social media platform.

Past reports suggested that the Twitter Coins feature would allow users to support creators, with the purchase happening through the Stripe fiat payment processor. The coins could also purportedly be spent on awards similar to the ones present on Reddit, ranging from “Mind Blown,” equalling one coin, to “Gold! equalling 5,000 coins.

Twitter awards screenshot
Twitter awards screenshot. Courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong
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