Unibright Bridges Lufthansa, Microsoft, and NEM to Boost Blockchain Adoption

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Unibright Bridges Lufthansa, Microsoft, and NEM to Boost Blockchain Adoption

Unibright, a German-based company has been under the limelight since the past few months in the blockchain sphere. Boasting of a talented team of individuals with more than 20 years of experience in the information technology and business integration field, Unibright is dedicated to leverage the utility blockchain technology promises to the business world. The company’s ICO in the month of April was a big success, as it reached the hardcap of $13.5 millions in just ten days. More recently, the firm has also partnered with Lufthansa, Microsoft, and NEM.

Existing Hurdles in Adopting Blockchain Technology

As per its exquisitely detailed white paper, Unibright likes to define itself as “a unified framework for blockchain-based business integration and a set of applications leveraging this framework.”

Unibright understands the challenges companies face in adopting a new emerging technology to their existing business structure. Using an approach where the company presents its audience the challenges and their respective tailor-made solutions, Unibright’s white paper talks about the real life cases where the project has been instrumental in overcoming the existing grey areas for business integration.

Following are some of the fields where Unibright offers already developed use-cases:

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One of the available prototypes of the project helps establishing a connection between the SAP system of a company with the Ethereum based smart contracts. Unibright is also aware of the common problems an enterprise might come across while trying to make blockchain a part of its business operations. These adversaries might be in the form of a long-term planning, smooth implementation, successful integration and post-implementation monitoring. Unibright aims to offer a simplistic solution that tackles all the above mentioned problems.

Need for Blockchain in Business Integration

Although blockchain provides immense benefits in some areas of business integration, it will still only be a fragment in an end-to-end business integration scenario. This takes us to the Unibright concept which points the importance of the state of the art blockchain infrastructure in current business processes. Built-in security, transparency, immutability and lower transactions costs are just some of the highlights that predestine blockchain for application in business integration domain.

Dr. Jörg Liebe from Lufthansa, Senior Director Digital Innovations Hub Airlines and Airline Products states:

“We often see Blockchain only used as a buzzword, but prefer to make real use of it.“

It makes sense to understand where exactly can this technology be used to its full potential, and Unibright firmly believes in its adoption in business integration domain. Much has been said about how blockchain can revolutionize a plethora of industries as we know them today, but it’s important to identify the players in the ecosystem that could effectively deploy the technology to their benefit:

IT consulting firms that are actively seeking blockchain solutions to showcase the technology’s utility to their clients.

Companies which aim to be future-ready by being one of the early adopters of blockchain technology, be it retail, health, supply chain management or even the banking sector.

In order to diminish the distance between different segment businesses, Unibright has already co-hosted a few public events with companies like Microsoft, Lufthansa and Zuhlke in the year 2018.

Only days after the token launch the partnership with Microsoft Germany led to a common two day hackathon in Microsoft headquarter in Munich. Unibright Hyperledger and Solidity specialists helped more than 50 participants from different large companies to set alive their first smart contracts.

Lufthansa, the biggest European airline, supported Unibright‘s “Hackathon without a single line of code” at Pillar Unconference 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Based on different templates, participants worked on visual definitions for a real life use case.

Dr. Jörg Liebe from Lufthansa adds:

“Events like this hackathon are a great opportunity to really ‘get your feet wet’ with blockchain for business. We like the ‘non-coding’ approach of Unibright and are happy to support this event.”

A budding and strong partnership with top quality blockchain protocols (NEM) only bolsters the possibilities of success of all the involved parties.

How Unibright Fosters a Smooth Transition to Blockchain?

Unibright provides a holistic framework that establishes never before seen standards in blockchain domain. Stressing on its “no-coding needed” approach, businesses will have the flexibility to give more time on the actual necessities, i.e. the business process. Unibright views blockchain as a data structure with a peer-to-peer model that allows the flexibility to hold data and functions in single isolated blocks, called smart contracts. Blockchain as a concept is poised to become pervasive in the coming future, and Unibright endeavors to make the technology more feasible and profitable for businesses that are not only limited to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Impressive Team and Clientele

Unibright boasts of a team of 14 highly proficient personnel in the fields ranging from engineering, marketing and communication. With regard to the advisory team, the team is comprised of individuals rich with broad industry experience.

Unibright’s clientele consists of major industry players including Samsung, Radeberger, DG Verlag, RHI Magnesita, OpenStorage AG, Lufthansa, Unilever, Siemens, ABB and Nestle Waters.

Concluding, Unibright’s stellar ready-to-use framework ensures that companies do not have to stress over any ambiguity regarding blockchain. In fact, it provides ample opportunity to them to derive unparalleled benefits out of it.

For those interested in the currency side of things and want to use the Unibright Framework, the UBT token is being listed on QRYPTOS exchange.


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