Uniswap (UNI) Cumulative Trade Volume Now Exceeds $1 Trillion

Uniswap (UNI) Cumulative Trade Volume Now Exceeds $1 Trillion

Per a recent tweet, Uniswap trading volumes are now well over the $1T trading mark. The current Uniswap value is $5.30 USD, having $162,798,816 USD in 24-hour price movement. Trading volumes have climbed over the last day, and the altcoin’s Volume to Market Cap Ratio is now 0.04276.

The Rise of Uniswap

The rise in the share of the market and the reputation of Uniswap can be attributed to three possible scenarios. Uniswap v2 was the first of its second iteration’s deployments, bringing additional features and functions to the entire DeFi sector.

The other is the introduction of UNI, the company’s administration token. The tokens were deployed to all users who had ever connected with the system around September 2020, when the network’s fundamentals began to soar.

The occasion represented a turning point in DeFi protocol acceptance. With the mainstreaming of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and increased use, the industry exploded the following year.

The introduction of DEX’s third edition, Uniswap v3, was the final event. Users that used effective investment methods received larger prizes in this edition.

Most blockchain technologies nowadays require a DeFi sector and their own implementation of Uniswap to function. Despite the hype, the DEX and other protocols have been impacted by the recent price declines in crypto assets.

Tracking Uniswap’s Price Movement

According to Token Terminal data, Uniswap reached its pinnacle in September 2021, when its overall value barricaded (TVL) was close to $10 billion and its transaction volume fell into line. This statistic has been in a decline since and now seems to be stabilizing.

With traders hovering around $5, the chances of a reversal breaking through the trendline resistance are increasing. If buyers can take charge of the $5.75 mark, this optimistic scenario in the UNI market will play out. However, a dip to $5 might exacerbate the slump and lead to a drop to $4.50. The value is theoretically durable which is above the daily chart.

As a result, the pattern remains gloomy, as does the overall market attitude. The altcoin is displaying resilience on the four-hour chart, trading above the 20,50 SMA, which may work as stability in the short future, according to the current implied volatility.

Lengthy Prospects

Despite being in the red, the MACD indicator for UNI shows the histograms gradually losing intensity. Furthermore, a bullish crossover on the daily chart could occur, giving bulls additional encouragement to try for an upswing. In addition, the RSI gradient has recovered from its dangerous position and is now trading at 36.26, indicating a neutral indication.

With the crypto winter in full swing, UNI, Uniswap’s native cryptocurrency, is down more than 88 percent from its all-time high (ATH) price, because of the recent Terra catastrophe. The crypto asset peaked at $44.97 in May 2021 but was currently trading at $5.41 at the time of writing.

In addition to facilitating crypto trades, Uniswap recently established a Web 3 enterprises wing and hired a new policy director as it attempts to negotiate crypto legislation.

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