UTRUST Enables DigiByte (DGB) Payments for Over 650 Airlines

UTRUST Enables DigiByte (DGB) Payments for Over 650 Airlines

In a bid to bring digital currency payments to the mainstream, UTRUST, a fintech startup, has integrated support for cryptocurrency to provide safe and secure payment options to Alternative Airline customers. The startup announced the development through a Medium poston November 13, 2019.

Pay for Your Flight with Crypto

UK-based travel fare aggregator website Alternative Airlines has become the first British aviation travel merchant to accept cryptocurrencies as a medium of payment through the payment processing platform UTRUST.

This integration represents a big step towards achieving the mass adoption of crypto payments, one of UTRUST’s key missions. Alternative Airlines was the only travel agency in 2019 to be on the Sunday Times list of most successful companies in the United Kingdom and one of its best qualities is precisely that of having flexibility when it comes to payment methods.

As of September 2019, users can choose to pay for flights from over 25 payment methods and 160 currencies. Thanks to the partnership with UTRUST, you can now add Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), DASH (DASH), DigiByte (DGB) and Utrust’s own UTK to this list.

Crypto Payment Options Are Steadily Increasing

Although Bitcoin was born with the intention of being a pure P2P digital currency, over the years its characteristics have brought it closer to the store of value status. However, in recent years, companies and enterprises the world over are slowly warming up to the idea of receiving payments in digital money.

As a matter of fact, Alternative Airlines is not the first company to have implemented cryptocurrency payments. As reported previously by BTCManager, Norwegian Air Shuttle had joined forces with leading national exchange NBX to enable customers to pay for flights with Bitcoin.

In May 2019 was the leader of crypto payments Bitpay to make headlines thanks to a partnership with major U.S. telecom service provider AT&T to allow customers to pay their mobile bills using cryptocurrencies.

Although more and more companies are integrating these payment solutions, the final choice will always fall on the consumer who may decide never to use this payment method.