Why You Shouldn’t Miss The MAD Metacell Play-To-Earn NFT Mint

Why You Shouldn’t Miss The MAD Metacell Play-To-Earn NFT Mint

Perhaps the only thing more awesome than cool NFTs is free NFTs. In a world where a single asset can run into thousands of dollars depending on the collection you choose, a free NFT mint often attracts experts and newcomers alike. But one of the latest free NFT mints that have been announced offers much more than an asset you don’t have to pay for. Instead, it also offers you a chance to earn rewards by leveraging these free assets. 

This new offer comes from MAD Metaverse, a top play-to-earn game universe that is renowned for its innovative storyline and hyperrealistic visuals, and was already named a top NFT game of 2022 by CoinMarketCap. Built on Ethereum, MAD Metaverse is a Gamified DeFi ecosystem where users can enhance the performance, rarity and value of their NFTs. The game has announced an upcoming free NFT mint for one of their NFT collections (MAD Metacells) which will take place on September 30, 2022. 

What are MAD Metacells?

MAD Metacells are a new concept of NFT: Evolving NFTs. Heavily tied into the game’s storyline they are one of three evolving and dynamic NFTs playable within the MAD ecosystem. Together with MAD Metascientists (Genesis Mint November 30th), and the MAD Nanocells they are part of this new concept of evolving NFTs. In fact, almost everything in the MAD ecosphere is built to evolve. In addition to this upcoming mint, MAD Metaverse announced to airdrop a whopping $10 million worth of its in-game currency, $BIOMETA.

These Metacells were deliberately made by Metascientists to hunt and find effective methods of sourcing and harvesting $BIOMETA,” the MAD Metaverse team explains, adding that their function can be tweaked to whatever the creator needs. 

MAD Metacells also evolve uniquely at different speeds and after their evolution is completed, they can become sentient beings who move within the metaverse of their own accord. Needless to say, these MAD Metacells can be a very valuable tool and this makes it even more exciting that they are being given away for free. 

And what can you do once they have these NFTs? Upon the release of The Lab – a web3 gamified platform to experiment with Evolving NFTs – users will be able to start experimenting with their MAD Metacells. In The Lab, by continuously running experiments on their NFTs (each of the evolutions and mutations is immutable) users will be able to create their own rarity, developing their NFTs further and further, creating unique NFTs and improving the value of their collectible. 

In the MAD Metaverse, MAD Metascientists, MAD Metacells, and MAD Nanocells can be used for combat purposes and this comes with rewards as well. Because the game is play-to-earn, users can earn both crypto and NFTs in one of three environments:  The Lab, NanoWars & MAD Metaverse. 

Finally, the MAD Metacells themselves can be used to ‘hunt’ down $BIOMETA, the scarcest resource in the MAD Metaverse. $BIOMETA -earn as you play in-game ERC20 currency –  is part of a dual token economy that also includes $MAD – the DAO governance token. Furthermore, the MAD Metacells can give birth to MAD Nanocells, which have their own dedicated gameplay: NanoWars (a blockchain P2E mini-game).

How to participate in the giveaway?

Those who are looking to get their hands on these MAD Metacells need to register on the MAD Whitelist at https://www.premint.xyz/mad/ before the mint date on September 30. Being signed up to this whitelist means that players have access to both the MAD Metacells Free Mint, $BIOMETA airdrop, the Metascientists Mint, and a lot more.

All you will need to participate is an Ethereum wallet (e.g., Metamask, Bitkeep), a Twitter account, a Discord account, and an email address.

The Age of Reward

MAD Metaverse is one of the games leading the charge within the P2E space by not only giving players free assets but also allowing them to profit off their efforts within the game universe. From the ability of NFTs to appreciate in value to the potential for crypto earnings, players are being rewarded in more ways than one. 

And the MAD Metaverse isn’t stopping here. The team has announced that it will be adding support for blockchains such as Solana and Polygon over time to further expand and better the community.

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