31% of investors do not file crypto taxes to IRS, report says

31% of investors do not file crypto taxes to IRS, report says

CoinLedger has revealed that 31% of crypto investors still need to report their cryptocurrency taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

1 in 3 crypto investors shy away from taxes 

According to an online survey of 305 US adults conducted by YouGov in collaboration with CoinLedger 31% of bitcoin (BTC) and crypto investors still need to report crypto assets on their tax filings.

The lack of crypto tax reporting compliance is attributed to several factors including a need to understand the tax implications of crypto transactions. The survey finds that just 38% of crypto investors correctly identified the types of taxable crypto transactions.

“It’s no secret that tax reporting is a big problem in the crypto industry. The level of non-compliance may be shocking to some, but it isn’t surprising given the lack of regulatory clarity and enforcement guardrails in the space.”

David Kemmerer, CEO of CoinLedger

58% of respondents indicated that they report crypto on their tax filings, while 50% of non-taxpayers cited a lack of profit as their reason for not paying taxes on their crypto investments. 

Crypto tax evasion expected to decrease 

Furthermore, 68% of respondents indicated that they would find it easier to file their correct taxes if given more info and guidance on the exercise by cryptocurrency exchange platforms. 

With crypto market participants like Binance, Cryptiony, and a few others now making efforts to create tools that simplify crypto tax reporting, coupled with the increased scrutiny by tax authorities such as the IRS, as well as those across other jurisdictions, crypto tax evasion is expected to decrease significantly going forward.

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