Benriach Distillery Combines “Tradition and Innovation” With New NFT Collection

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Benriach Distillery Combines “Tradition and Innovation” With New NFT Collection

Benriach Distillery, the Scotland-based famous single malt producer, has joined the NFT trend. Today, Benriach combines old and new by releasing a premium twinset including two bottles, one Benriach The Forty Octave Cask Matured and one Benriach The Forty, solely as NFTs. 

Benriach Distillery Combines Tradition And Innovation 

Meanwhile, only ten twinsets of the NFTs would be available on the NFT marketplace, BlockBar. This will be the first time these “extremely” limited NFT edition expressions will be made available as a customized twinset globally.

Additionally, the launch celebrates two expressions that allude to the distillery’s legacy of varied cask research and spirit types. This brings to life the combination of Benriach distillery’s “tradition and innovation.”

Further, the latest digital asset will provide the owner right to both bottles. Also, BlockBar will give the NFT holder a certificate of ownership.

As of December 1st, those who have the NFT will get an invite to attend an exclusive event. The event will hold at the company’s Speyside distillery.

The NFT owners will also meet the creative whisky makers at Benriach while exploring the different flavors the wine producer has to provide. Benriach’s master blender, Rachel Barrie, stated that the company is happy about its latest NFT launch. 

Benriach The Forty

Barrie added:

“Benriach The Forty is among the oldest ever peated whiskies produced from Speyside. It was created by slowly maturing the whisky in fine bourbon casks, which resulted in the development of delicate flavors of honeyed pomelo and rich orchard fruits. After decades of aging, the smokey flavor of peated Benriach spirit becomes refined and mellow, morphing into an elegant taste,”

Meanwhile, the twinset’s packaging will have specific customization on it. The twinset will remain with BlockBar until the holder redeems it. 

Buyers of the NFT can trade them on the BlockBar platform, store it in a digital bar, or gift it to someone using BlockBar’s gifting feature.

Dov Falic, the CEO and co-founder of BlockBar, stated that the firm is happy to partner with Benriach. Moreover, this is the first NFT the distillery firm is launching.

Falic added that the NFT marketplace looks forward to working with more entities and launching more exclusive NFTs. 

NFT Holders To Receive Physical Bottles

BlockBar is the first and biggest NFT marketplace for NFTs, wines, and high-end spirits. Benriach is launching ten NFTs, each representing two bottles, one Benriach The Forty Octave Cask Matured and one Benriach The Forty.

The NFTs are available for purchase on the BlockBar NFT marketplace. The price of each NFT is $8k (£7.15k) and can be purchased using a credit card or Ethereum. 

Users who complete the checkout process will be given the NFT(s). Meanwhile, these NFTs give the buyer the right to have the physical bottles.

The physical bottles will be stored with BlockBar till the buyer is ready to reclaim them. This option would be available from spring 2023.

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