Binance and OMFIF Collaborate to Support the Global Think Tank’s Annual Report

Binance and OMFIF Collaborate to Support the Global Think Tank’s Annual Report

In recent cooperation, Binance will provide assistance to the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) on its annual Future of Payments Report according to a recent tweet released by the firm. 

In order to contribute to the annual study on the Future of Payments from the international think tank, the Digital Monetary Institute (DMI) of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF), Binance has partnered with the DMI.

Binance Will Now Have a Say in the Domain’s Arising Issues

With a forum for involvement from public and private organizations in central banking, public investment, and private investment, OMFIF has established itself as one of the most trustworthy independent think tanks internationally.

With the latest agreement between Binance and OMFIF, the largest exchange in the world is now a part of the think tank. This grants Binance a place at the table for discussions on issues that arise in the domains of OMFIF, particularly as described in its yearly Future of Payments report.

The DMI of OMFIF and Binance both announced the development on their respective Twitter accounts.

“Binance collaborates with the Digital Monetary Institute OMFIFDMI! We will support OMFIF’s Future of Payments annual report, which addresses the regulation of digital assets, as a member of this independent research tank,”  Binance said in a tweet on Thursday.

OMFIF Is Big on Crypto

A link to an official OMFIF paper that discussed international regulatory frameworks for digital assets as the asset class becomes increasingly entangled with conventional finance was also posted by the exchange.

The paper also emphasizes the value of cryptocurrencies as the rate of asset adoption skyrockets, outlining the advantages of digital assets for both organizations and people.

In conclusion, the OMFIF also made note of the significance of regulatory clarity for cryptocurrencies in order to put stronger consumer protection measures in place and reduce the dangers of a repeat of the Terra fiasco, which sparked a wave of deleveraging in the area. The next Future of Payments paper will discuss these recent developments.

This year’s Future of Payments study will focus on the growth of digital assets, their place in the financial world, and international regulatory initiatives, making Binance’s participation in it very essential. The decisions made will probably have an impact on how cryptocurrencies are seen globally.

The international conference scheduled for December 8 aims to start conversations about the mounting difficulties experienced in many nations as a result of the advent of cryptocurrencies, their benefits and dangers, and how to come to a consensus on their future.

According to an official statement from OMFIF, “as new digital assets, mobile banking, and other fintech efforts gain pace, the panel assesses whether these have the potential to make cross-border payments quicker, cheaper, and more transparent.”

The post claims that the next gathering would include talks on the subject of the interoperability of digital assets. Additionally, this will assist in addressing the ways in which the asset class may be integrated into emerging nations’ financial systems.

OMFIF continues to be a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market, offering knowledge about the benefits and drawbacks of this particular asset class. The research tank published a paper in the middle of October emphasizing the value of CBDCs in tackling fraud and conflicts.

In April, OMFIF also made notice of the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and the positive effects that regulatory certainty on a worldwide scale may have on the environment for these assets.

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