Binance unveils new upgrade to NFT Marketplace

Binance unveils new upgrade to NFT Marketplace

In a publication on the Binance website, the firm’s NFT arm announced that new features were added to the Binance NFT marketplace. This upgrade aims to improve users’ experience while exploring various NFT assets listed on the market. 

A milestone for Binance and its users

According to the article, users across several blockchains and marketplaces can now access the Binance NFT marketplace. In addition, OpenSea NFTs will be added to the collections on the upgraded Binance platform. With this, users can transfer their assets from any blockchain to Binance. 

Binance administrators tagged the development a thrilling milestone for the firm. The platform will become a designated source for non-fungible tokens henceforth. Therefore, it will continue to build a user-centric and inclusive NFT trading platform for the entire NFT community.

During the first phase of the upgrade, ERC-721 assets in the list of first 200 collections on OpenSea will be added to the Binance NFT marketplace. Later on, the platform plans to incorporate more non-fungible tokens marketplaces and blockchains with its platform. Users can look up a preview of the digital collectibles available on the platform via Binance NFT’s website.

Several perks are included for users who trade the NFTs on Binance’s marketplace. These include a one-stop access to the NFTs listed on Binance NFT, whether via Ethereum or BNB smartchain. Likewise, users can reach OpenSea NFTs from the Binance NFT trading platform with low network fee for cross-marketplace transactions.

Binance NFT upgrade promises benefits to users

The Binance NFT marketplace revamp brings various benefits with it. Some of these are improved metrics and data check on the NFT collectibles. This extends to user pages where price can be clearly analyzed. 

Furthermore, after the upgrade, OpenSea leaderboard information will be added to the market’s stats page. Also, optimized versions of UI/UX will be inserted in the platform. That is, it will be evident on the homepage, search filter, marketplace main menu, and NFT asset page.

Also, NFT deposits will experience improvement in terms of simplified check-out process. Binance seeks to keep saucing up users’ NFT experiences by unleashing new and exciting features. In the future, the platform will integrate more NFT marketplaces to increase the collectibles accessible to users. 

Binance is the leading digital assets exchange worldwide and is ambitious to enhance its users’ crypto and NFT experiences. 

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