Bitcoin Black Friday 4.0 Focuses on Quality Over Quantity

Bitcoin Black Friday 4.0 Focuses on Quality Over Quantity

Bitcoin Black Friday “is a one-day event that brings together Bitcoin merchants and Bitcoin users.” Now in its fourth year, Bitcoin Black Friday is held on the same day as traditional Black Friday – November 27th, the day after American Thanksgiving – when people traditional hunt for deals to kick off the holiday shopping season.

The focus of Bitcoin Black Friday this year will be on the quality of merchants who accept bitcoin, rather than quantity, as well as stress testing all features to ensure they will be able to handle the load brought upon by traffic typically associated with Black Friday shopping.   

Reddit user “ShadeJon,” the creator who is responsible for Bitcoin Black Friday, said they needed to realign their goals. As the Bitcoin community has became more mature, focusing on improving the user experience as well as products are the highlights of this year. He recognized that “attempting to get more merchant sign ups than the last year” was becoming a challenge that did not necessarily produce results.

ShadeJon stated that “while processors might have supposedly signed up thousands and thousands of merchants so far,” meaning he could achieve the goal of accumulating more merchants than last Bitcoin Black Friday, “the number of merchants that care enough about Bitcoin, Bitcoiners, and the community to give real deals of Black Friday is not in the thousands.”

This is why a merchant sign-up form is lacking on their website: ShadeJon believes any merchants that will draw attention and be worth a Bitcoin user’s time on Bitcoin Black Friday will already have many ways to be contacted.

That’s why you might have noticed we don’t have a sign-up form on the website. We won’t be accepting merchants that just integrated Bitcoin. We won’t be accepting merchants without community reviews. We already have contact information for all of the Bitcoin merchants active in the community.”

He later continues, saying this upcoming Bitcoin Black Friday will be focused on sectors of Bitcoin that interest users: “We are going to be focusing more on the industries that Bitcoiners care about, like mining and hardware wallets.

Lastly, ShadeJon says that a newsletter will be sent out the day before, highlighting some deals to look out for after Thanksgiving.

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