Bruce Lee’s Home In Hong Kong To Be Featured In the Metaverse Through VR

Bruce Lee’s Home In Hong Kong To Be Featured In the Metaverse Through VR

Bruce Lee, a legendary martial artist from Hong Kong, passed away 49 years ago this year. However, the Bruce Lee Club has decided to team up with a digital firm, the PRIZM Group, to try and replicate Lee’s old home using VR technology. Also, they want to feature an exhibition titled “Revival of Bruce Lee’s Memory: Bruce Lee’s Home in Metaverse.” The essence is to recollect the memories using blockchain and Web 3 technology. Also, it would commemorate the artist’s legacy in film history and pass it to future generations.

Bruce Lee’s Old Home To Feature In The Metaverse 

In 2019, the old location of Bruce Lee’s former residence, which was situated, was destroyed. Meanwhile, three young students from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin), Yuen Ho Wa Andy, Lee Chun Kit Owen, and Li Chun Kit Jacky, are helping PRIZM Group and Bruce Lee Club to recreate the ancient house in the Metaverse.

Through VR technology, fans from all corners of the world can “visit” the former residence of the kung fu celebrity and have an interactive experience. Also, the fans will eventually be able to access all other events and activities in the virtual space dubbed the “Crane’s Nest.”

Furthermore, the Group also asked the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design to provide great content for the project. A well-known graphic artist, Shannon Ma, will serve as the technical adviser for the project. 

Metaverse Project Will Be Unveiled On July 20th, 2023

According to the report, the completed creation will be unveiled to the world on July 20th, 2023, the memorial of Bruce Lee’s passing. Meanwhile, Wong Yiu-Keung, Bruce Lee Club chairman, said the actor’s home was first changed into a hotel following his death.

However, it was first meant to be a memorial hall. Unfortunately, the group dropped the idea, and the house was destroyed. Meanwhile, the group have decided to go on its initial plans, but this time in a digital world.

Yiu-Keung believes the recent project will teach people more about Bruce Lee’s last journey using VR and web3 technology and his “Water Philosophy.” 

Besides, this shows that the usage of Web3 and blockchain has expanded to other sectors. It can now serve the purpose of creating digital representations of events and memories. 

PRIZM Group Looks Forward To Partnering With Other Groups

In addition, Jeffrey Hau, PRIZM Group Director, said: 

“This exhibition highlights PRIZM’s most recent use of Web 3. Also, we plan to work with other businesses to create attractions, have concerts in the Metaverse, and engage with both fans and co-creators. By utilizing Web 3.0 and blockchain technology, this exhibition aims to preserve traditional culture while transmitting Bruce Lee’s legacy to the future generations. “

Meanwhile, Bruce Lee’s calligraphy on his “Water Philosophy,” a necklace he created to honor the movie Enter the Dragon, will also be part of the exhibition.

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