Bybit Launchpool Lists Monopoly Millionaire Game’s Governance Token MMC

Bybit Launchpool Lists Monopoly Millionaire Game’s Governance Token MMC

Bybit cryptocurrency exchange has announced the listing of MMC, the native cryptocurrency of Monopoly Millionaire Game on the Bybit Launchpool.

Bybit Lists MMC Token 

Bybit, the 37th-largest cryptocurrency exchange and bitcoin (BTC) trading venue in the world, has announced that the MMC token, which is the native cryptocurrency and governance token of the Monopoly Millionaire Game, is now live on the Bybit Launchpool.

For the uninitiated, the Monopoly Millionaire Game is a play-to-earn game developed by a group of experts with years of experience in game development at popular gaming and Web3 firms across the globe. 

The team says the Monopoly Millionaire Game recently completed a $1 million funding round led by Mirana Ventures, taking the game’s valuation to $10 million. 

The Monopoly Millionaire Game 

The Monopoly Millionaire game is a marine-themed blockchain game that allows players to earn tokens through nine different immersive games. MMC token functions as the native and governance crypto of the Monopoly Millionaire Game ecosystem.

MMC allows gamers to participate in governance processes of the Monopoly Millionaire Game, via voting and staking. The MMC token can also be used to purchase and upgrade gamers’ in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to get a higher “cannon star-level” and earn more rewards in the Monopoly Millionaire Game metaverse.

What’s more, MMC tokens can be earned by both playing the game, or staking it on the Bybit Launchpool. The Bybit Launchpool is a component of Bybit Earn, which allows Bybit users to stake their idle tokens and earn juicy annual percentage yields (APYs) for free.

Through the Bybit Launchpool, players of the Monopoly Millionaire Game can stake and unstake their MMC tokens at any time and they can also earn bonuses in the Tether (USDT) stablecoin. 

The team says a total of 100 million MMC tokens are currently available. The MMC tokens will be allocated to the Monopoly Millionaire Game’s treasury, liquidity pools, investors, team members, and initial exchange offering (IEO) in different proportions. 

As reported by earlier in June 2022, Bybit revealed plans to conduct the IEO of OpenBlox, an EVM-based NFT and Web3 platform geared toward play-and-earn/ move-and-earn and IP branding.

Last Month, Bybit announced the launch of the Grid Trading Bot to make it possible for its registered users to implement the Grid trading Strategy in a frictionless and autonomous manner.

“At Bybit, we are always on the lookout for products and services that can help our users capitalize on the bull run and the emerging digital asset class easily and confidently. We are convinced that our users will be as excited as we are in rolling it out for them,” said Bybit at the time.