Cardano Set for a Polyglot Ecosystem

Cardano Set for a Polyglot Ecosystem

There’s currently a robust amount of work in the background about building the set-up for a member-based organization that will serve as a nucleus for the community.

The Polyglot Is Key to an Healthy Ecosystem

Cardano has been upgrading its network, especially with the Vasil Hardfork. More improvements are still on the way, including the introduction of the polyglot ecosystem to ensure a healthy ecosystem. If the possibility of a healthy ecosystem is ever realized, there is a need for a polyglot ecosystem, which means that multiple clients are running concurrently with completely different development teams, philosophies, languages, and USPs.

What Is the Canonical Client of Cardano

In reality, the answer should be none, says Charles Hoskinson in his broadcast earlier this week. The preferred answer should be that an agreement is reached on standards, and the agreed standards would have a robust testing framework. The client in the wallet will be separated into categories; certified and uncertified.

The MBO (Member-based Organization)

The activities are to take place with the MBO. The MBO would have CTF; Cardano Technical Fellows. The CTFs are community members and people that work at the core and are at the same time from the same community. They do not belong to any organizations but are either on loan to the member organization or working for the organization.

Way To Go With Competing Clients

The basic idea is to ensure that the active core would comprise a small team of between 5 and 10 and a combination of CTFs. We could have a rust client, a Haskell client, or a typescript client. Etc. To answer the question of if they are certified or not, some could be certified while others wouldn’t. The goal is to have a combination of CFTs working straight for the MBO and then contributing developers. 

What Does the MBOs Do?

The MBO and some contributed developers, for example, people from DC spark. The MBOs maintain a reference update system, a reference set of codes. They also maintain wallet certifications plus the core cryptography of the system. The MBOs 

The new upgrades will be tested first on the testnet before launching on the mainnet. This may take a long while to achieve, months or even years.