CASETiFY Unveils Members-Only Web3 Platform, ARTFT

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CASETiFY Unveils Members-Only Web3 Platform, ARTFT

According to reports, the renowned tech brand CASETiFY has launched another remarkable product for its growing customer base. The information indicates that the firm has unveiled its Web3-based collectible platform, ARTFT, for its metaverse-focused users.

CASETiFY Launch Web3 Venture

According to CASETiFY, ARTFT is a Web3-centered enterprise that is set to build metaverse-based collections. In addition, the platform also revealed that the new Web3 arm comes with a physical spin for users to use to determine their digital collectibles in the metaverse. 

Moreover, the latest development has placed CASETiFY as one of the first and foremost global companies with a proven record of service in license issuance to mint and facilitate the exchange of quality NFTs for exclusive users. 

According to the CEO of CASETiFY, the company aims to develop exclusive NFT collectibles, hype them among users, and push the holders into the metaverse. And ARTFT is a space where users can see and feel the brand’s unique signature on beautifully designed digital collectibles with great utility.

However, CASETiFY is yet to confirm the minting of the Genesis Pass that would usher in the ARTFT phase.

Meanwhile, the firm disclosed that ARTFT Pass has exclusive benefits for its holders. In addition, owners of the Genesis Pass would be among the lists for any future NFT drops; they will enjoy a lifetime supply of the limited edition phone case from the firm and access to the platform’s print-to-earn phygital products.

Furthermore, the developers of the collectibles have created ARTFT uniquely to set it apart from its competitors in the future. Thus, the phygital experience is built to blend immersive NFT art with the tech accessories CASETiFY is known for creating.

The digital collectibles of ARTFT come with incentives to sway users and enable owners to access exclusive physical products linked to their digital ownership.

Brands Web3 Investment

Most top businesses have ventured into the Web3 ecosystem for sustainable long-term business operations as part of their expansion. However, Web3 can only be such so far; the company has been able to build trust among its customer base in the physical settings.

In contrast to Web3, Web 2.0 has many underlying constraints that enterprises have been struggling to contend with as they thrive on navigating the business environment.

With the advent of Web3, brands increasingly have a direct relationship with their customers. However, some enterprises do not properly harness the enormous business opportunities brought in by Web3. 

The new technology signifies broader opportunities that only a fraction of corporate entities leverage for their operations. Companies can double their earnings using NFTs, Metaverse, and crypto tokens.

However, despite the glaring opportunities, it would be remiss not to consider some of the challenges brands face as they attempt to navigate the Web3 ecosystem.

The crypto market volatility, the unfamiliarity of NFT, the metaverse to some companies’ audiences, and the unpredictability of Web3 technology are some challenges brands have to contend with.

In conclusion, brands looking to succeed in Web3 are ready to brave the odds.

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