Coffeezilla tricks MMA star into promoting fake NFT project

Coffeezilla tricks MMA star into promoting fake NFT project

Coffeezilla has tricked Dillon Danis, an MMA star, into promoting a fake NFT project, shedding light on shady cryptocurrency project marketing practices.

Coffeezilla exposes MMA fighter

Coffeezilla, a YouTube content creator and proclaimed internet sleuth, has uncovered MMA fighter Dillon Danis’ promotion of a fraudulent NFT (non-fungible token) project. The YouTuber pointed out that Danis tweeted an image with a website link that, in Coffeezilla’s words, “literally spells out S.C.A.M.”

Dillon neglected to consider a vital piece of information outlined in the frequently asked questions portion of the website, explicitly stating that it was impossible for any investor to obtain the “Sourz” NFTs and describing it as a “performance art project to show the lack of due diligence from influencers.” Additionally, the site lists over 20 promotional campaigns by influencers, all of which have been proven to be scams.

Coffeezilla also pointed out that the athlete failed to disclose that he had been paid to promote the project on Twitter. This is not an isolated incident of Danis receiving criticism for his business practices. In the past, Danis has faced allegations of animal abuse and involvement in illegal actions. The MMA fighter has also been criticized for withdrawing from a match against UK-based YouTuber and boxer KSI.

Influencers promote crypto and NFT scams

This recent exposure of Dillon Danis by Coffeezilla is just the latest in a series of crypto and NFT scams that the YouTuber has uncovered. Coffeezilla has made it his mission to uncover and bring to light such fraudulent schemes, establishing him as a trusted voice in the online community dedicated to exposing and shedding light on any unethical practices in the cryptocurrency sphere.

In December 2022, he exposed Logan Paul’s promotion of the CryptoZoo NFT scam project. The investigative video series created led to a class action lawsuit being filed against Logan Paul for his involvement in the scam. The suit named Paul, his manager, and several others for participating in the fraudulent scheme. The lawsuit was filed despite Logan Paul’s effort to rectify the situation.

The rise of NFTs has sparked a new interest in the crypto world, with many seeking to cash in on the trend. However, it is crucial to stay alert and avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes, some of them being promoted by influencers.

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