Craig Wright Still Can’t Access “His” Bitcoin Fortune

Craig Wright Still Can’t Access “His” Bitcoin Fortune

Bloomberg recently reported that Craig S. Wright, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, is unable to provide details of his purported $10 billion in BTC. These details were brought to attention following a lawsuit lanced by Ira Kleiman, the brother of Dave Kleiman, a former business associate of Wright.

Now, in a court disclosure, Kleiman’s defense has released emails between Craig Wright and Denis Mayaka of Abacus Seychelles, where Wright is shown to have purchased Tulip Trust, an alleged blind trust set up in 2011, from an offshore company in 2014, July 3, 2019.

In the Wrong or the Wright?

For a man who said that code is not law and offers no real clarity, Wright has done an excellent job of making a mockery of himself in the court of law.

Ira Kleiman, brother of the now-deceased Dave Kleiman with whom Wright allegedly invented and mined the first million Bitcoin, has released an email exchange showing Wright buying the Tulip Trust in 2014 – nearly a year after Dave’s death.

The Tulip Trust is the company that Wright claims has access to Satoshi’s one million BTC. Wright has told the court that he does not have access to the BTC as it is a blind trust, for whom the trustees are individuals that he cannot get in contact with or have passed away.

The Tulip Trust, bought by Wright, was established in 2011, making it seem as though setting it up and using a trust structure to store BTC was a mutual decision between Wright and Dave Kleiman.

In reality, the disclosures made by Ira Kleiman’s lawyers seem to point to Wright buying the trust in 2014 for the sole reason of leading people to believe that a million BTC was tied up in a blind trust and inaccessible to anyone except the unknown trustees.

Earlier this week, Wright is alleged to have broken down in court while describing his vision of Bitcoin and being decimated by Kleiman’s lawyer.

An unfavorable judgment here will most definitely create a strong case for those against which Wright has filed libel suits, including Roger Ver, John McAfee, and Peter McCormack.

The Look of a Hopeless Play

It appears seems as though Wright has exhausted all his cards and is now trying his best to defer a judgment by not complying with the court’s orders.

In June 2019, Judge Reinhart, who is overseeing the Kleiman suit, warned Wright that he will be charged with contempt if he doesn’t comply with his order to provide a list of BTC addresses to which he mined. Wright’s refusal to comply and sheer ineptitude┬áhas led the crypto community to believe he has utterly run out of options and is simply trying to buy time.

Even without legal proof, it is evident that Wright is not Satoshi from a colossal list of contradictions he himself made, including his inability to code and Satoshi’s claim that he “isn’t a lawyer.”

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