Dating website: 33% of singles are ready to date in metaverse in 2023

Dating website: 33% of singles are ready to date in metaverse in 2023

Dating trends revealed by show that 33% of singles worldwide are ready to date in the metaverse in 2023 — a major consequence of COVID lockdowns.

In a recent press release,, a creator of more than 40 dating sites, highlights an increased role of technology in dating. The company conducted a survey among its users, and the results show that metaverse leads in attracting singles. 33% of the respondents prefer virtual dating.

According to, a virtual date through an avatar vest will allow the singles to interact and assess their possibilities of being together before meeting in the real world.

In addition to that, more than a third of the respondents showed interest in having open relationships with people outside their locality. The metaverse is expected to break the distance barrier by allowing singles from different cities, countries, or continents to meet in the virtual world.

Metaverse will also impact traveling

In 2023, the metaverse will change not only the dating landscape but our preferences in traveling as well, per a new study by The company hopes that the newest digital ecosystems will allow tourists to pick and select the regions they want to explore in person. surveyed 24,179 people from 32 countries and found that they were enjoying taking virtual tours of potential holiday spots before making any final decisions. In particular, over 35% of participants were interested in spending an extended period of time in the metaverse so that they can truly experience the ambiance of many world-famous sites.

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