DigiByte (DGB) Partners with ThreeFold to Decentralize the Global Internet Architecture

DigiByte (DGB) Partners with ThreeFold to Decentralize the Global Internet Architecture

The DigitByte Foundation has partnered with peer-to-peer internet ecosystem ThreeFold to leverage blockchain technology in creating a more decentralized global web environment. The collaboration is the latest in DigiByte’s attempts in promoting a more broad-based adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Details of the Collaboration

ThreeFold announced the partnership via a blog post on its website. The collaboration will see both projects work towards creating consumer and enterprise-grade projects on the ThreeFold Grid.

Following the partnership, developers will be able to use smart contracts to deploy their DigiByte nodes in the ThreeFold Grid infrastructure. Apart from user and developer project development, the partnership also opens the door for open source collaboration and even the creation of personal computing projects. Interested node operators keen on running infrastructure on the DigitByte blockchain will be able to utilize the ThreeFold Grid.

Notably, ThreeFold Grid’s infrastructure has been live for 2 years. In April 2020, the project launched the ThreeFold Grid V2.0 and the beta of its robust peer-to-peer cloud platform. It’s also worth highlighting that from June 1, the TFT will be live on Liquid and BTC Alpha.

Already available in 21 countries, the ThreeFold Grid currently supports over 600 active nodes with a bandwidth of more than 40M gigabytes from an excess of 15,000 CPU Cores. Apart from DigiByte, other partners include Hewlett Packard, TomoChain, and Stellar. The ThreeFold Grid aims to offer higher performance and better privacy and security than centralized internet and cloud computing providers.

Commenting on the development, DigiByte co-founder Rudy Bouwman took to Twitter stating that his project is proud to partner with ThreeFold to ensure further global decentralization. For ThreeFold, the partnership with DigiByte is a testament to the shared ethos of internet decentralization held by both organizations. Commenting on the partnership, the P2P internet provider remarked:

“We’re truly proud, and grateful as well, to be in partnership with DigiByte – and we appreciate the warm welcome from you and your community. Collaboration is the way forward. And this is just the beginning”

DigiByte Keen on Fostering Decentralization

The ThreeFold partnership is the latest in DigiByte’s attempts to broaden the scope of blockchain utilization in the decentralization of global internet infrastructure. Earlier in May, BTCManager reported that DGB was calling on developers to contribute to its growing ecosystem.

The DigiByte Foundation has also partnered with SafeHaven — a DeFi project focused on inheritance, asset control, and distribution. At the start of 2020, DigiByte chiefs met with U.S. authorities to discuss matters relating to improved blockchain adoption and utilization in the country.

The open-source blockchain network has also contributed its resources to combating the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In mid-April, DigiByte and AutumnID joined the Covid19 Alert App consortium.

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