Dubai’s Medcare Becomes Pioneer Hospital to Enter the Metaverse

Dubai’s Medcare Becomes Pioneer Hospital to Enter the Metaverse

It is yet another day for Dubai to make the headlines for its Metaverse push as one of its hospitals becomes the first to enter the virtual ecosystem. Dubai’s Medcare Women & Children Hospital is set to redefine telemedicine, and the healthcare sector is taking note.

Medcare Announces Metaverse Presence

When telemedicine began coming into people’s consciousness globally, Medcare announced its presence in the Metaverse. The specialist hospital now claims to be the first healthcare provider to have leaped into the growing virtual environment. 

However, another healthcare facility, Aster DM Healthcare, stated that it would replicate the metaverse experience in all UAE locations.

Meanwhile, healthcare providers’ rapid quest to move to the Metaverse is fueled by the rising demand for telemedicine services. 

By incorporating real-time medical consultation by experts, in the long run, the conventional diagnoses and treatment of patients will be replaced by Metaverse engagement says Alisha Moopen, Deputy MD of Aster DM Healthcare.

Telemedicine is a remote-based medical interaction using telecommunication devices, and upgrading to the Metaverse seems the right thing to do.

As a result, Medcare has conducted over 20,000 virtual consultations with patients each year. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the number has increased significantly as more patients use telemedicine to communicate with consultants. In early 2021, the numbers increased as healthcare providers opted for remote consultations involving non-emergency patient cases.

Choosing Metaverse over Telemedicine

At the height of the pandemic, a flood of patient medical needs necessitated immediate attention. Patients wanted to discuss their concerns with their doctors or consult physicians, which was impossible due to the global lockdown and travel restrictions. 

Telemedicine answers the clamor for doctor-patient interactions but comes with limitations. Unlike telemedicine, which is done through telecommunications platforms like Zoom, the Metaverse video conference is unique. Patients get to feel the hospital environment despite their distance.

Meanwhile, the Medcare Women & Children’s Hospital intends to use VR/AR platforms to target those seeking specialist care within Dubai. Moopen said:

“The plan is to be strategic and assess use cases vital for patients’ health needs. People will experience firsthand the qualities of the healthcare facilities and infrastructure even when they cannot visit the hospital.”

With the Metaverse, this will become possible as the patient need not become unsure of the hospital’s facilities.

Moreover, the Metaverse will allow patients to schedule their appointment with the doctor whether they are in the city or not. They do not have to be physically present to feel the hospital’s environment and see other things. 

More importantly, the Metaverse saves time and money for hospital visitors. Instead of visiting several healthcare facilities before making decisions, they see, feel, and experience the hospitals’ capacity to deliver.

Medcare Collaborates with Biometaverse

Medicare partnered with Biometaverse, the digital healthcare solutions provider, to set up its virtual facility and related services. According to Medcare, the solution is to provide accessible and affordable services. 

By ensuring accessibility, patients need not visit the hospital before seeing a doctor or consulting other healthcare providers. With affordability,

It saves patients the cost of paying for flight tickets and hotel accommodations. 

Meanwhile, Medcare will soon have the uploads of its two specialized facilities in the Metaverse. CEO of Medcare, Dr. Shanila Laiju, noted that the aim is to provide comprehensive healthcare services by integrating real-time consultation.

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