Earn Crypto Part 3: Freelancing for Bitcoin

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Earn Crypto Part 3: Freelancing for Bitcoin

In BTCManager’s series titled “Earn Crypto,” readers are being introduced to a wide range of platforms, applications, and ways that they can earn bitcoin and other digital currencies as a member of the cryptocurrency community.

In this article, readers will discover how they can earn cryptocurrency in exchange for services as a freelancer and which platforms are the best to find jobs that pay in crypto.

“Will Work for Bitcoin”

When bitcoin first began to gain traction beyond the cypherpunk community, one of the first applications of the digital currency was as a borderless, low-cost payment method for freelancers. It didn’t take long until the first bitcoin jobs platforms emerged and more and more freelancers across the globe began to receive payments in BTC.

Today, the global freelancer community is bigger than ever and set to continue its growth as more and more millennials are choosing to work for themselves as opposed to large corporations. On top of that, remote working is slowly becoming the norm. It is estimated that 40 percent of the American workforce will be freelancers by 2020, according to a study conducted in 2010 by software company Intuit.

Interestingly, a recent study suggests that 29 percent of freelancers in the U.S. would like to get paid in cryptocurrency. This highlights not only the earning potential of freelancing for crypto but also that the freelancer community could be a driving force in the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Best Freelancing Jobs Platforms That Pay in Crypto

While the likes of UpWork and Freelancer.com still dominate the online freelancing platforms market, there are a handful of crypto jobs platforms that are seeing an increase in users as more and more freelancers want to receive some of their income in cryptocurrency.

Below, you will discover the three most established freelancer platforms that pay in bitcoin.


Cryptogrind is one of the most well-known get-paid-in-bitcoin jobs platforms on the Internet. The platform functions in a similar way as UpWork in the sense that users looking for work can browse through available job opportunities and startups looking to hire can browse through freelancers who have set up profiles on the platform.

Cryptogrind also provides an escrow service to ensure that freelancers receive their payments once they have completed their jobs.

The types of jobs on the platform vary greatly from translation tasks to blockchain development. It is, therefore, an excellent platform for beginners who want to start earning crypto in exchange for providing services on a freelance basis.


XBTFreelancer is another popular bitcoin jobs platform. The platform works in a similar way as Freelancer.com in the sense that freelancers need to bid on projects to get the job.

Jobs include one-time microtasks to long-term remote employment at blockchain startups and can fall under the categories of blockchain development, web development, graphic design, digital marketing, and many more.

The platform also provides an escrow service to ensure that freelancers are receiving the bitcoin payments they were agreed upon for their jobs.


BitGigs describes itself as “a kickass bitcoin jobs board” and delivers on that promise. The platform is similar to Fiverr in the sense that it provides a larger number of smaller tasks and short-term jobs for freelancers as opposed to long-term contracts. This makes BitGigs another interesting jobs platform for crypto newbies who are just starting out with freelancing for crypto.

Beyond the above-listed platforms, there are dozens of other platforms that offer a position in the cryptocurrency industry and/or pay in cryptocurrency, including Crypto Jobs List, Cryptocurrency Jobs, and Crypto.Jobs, among others.

Is Freelancing a Good Way to Earn Crypto?

Providing your services as a freelancer in exchange for payments in cryptocurrency can not only supplement your income but can easily become a full-time profession.

Developers, marketers, graphic designers, and journalists are among the most common freelancer jobs in the cryptocurrency community and a large percentage of these individuals is working full-time for crypto.

The next in BTCManager’s Earn Cryptocurrency series will dive into the platforms available for buying and selling various products for cryptocurrencies. 

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