Genesis Vision: Connecting Managers, Brokers and Investors

Genesis Vision: Connecting Managers, Brokers and Investors

Today, the financial marketplace must have a trustworthy management, security of the investor’s funds and the interest of other market players in mind. Though the strict regulations watch on fraud and Ponzi schemes under financial market closely, these rules look fantastic on documentation only. When headed for the execution, the significant participants often remain empty-handed.

Moving Smoothly Along All Financial Rails

To avoid these barriers and scale better investment strategies, a brand new crypto startup has stepped forward. The Genesis Vision platform aims to unite all market participants including, managers, investors, and brokers at a trusted decentralized network. Structuring the financial market with blockchain technology and smart contracts enhances trust, completes a transparent system and generates lucrative profit sharing.

The Genesis Vision Tokens (GVT) thus work across all investment and profit distribution mechanisms.

The trust management market is the focal point that generates the smart contracts of Genesis Vision. In reality, if the traditional fiduciary management system does not ensure the potential practice of the investor’s funds, subsequently realistic statistics and insights are missed.

Nonetheless, the financial market lies with brokers and exchanges which consequently increase the demand for realistic statistics from the standpoint of investors and managers. Although the market has risen steadily, trust management still requires higher liquidity, transparency, and flexibility.

The fact is that brokers are well-versed in technicalities of the market can influence all agents through their commitments. Consequently, the sound investment and profit distribution mechanisms are hidden beneath the actual trading platforms.

Why Genesis Vision?

The network is built on smart contracts and thus brands itself as “the decentralized trust management platform.” Smart contracts coupled with blockchain technology allows for a platform that is both transparent, censorship-resistance, immutable, and thus provides peace of mind for prospective investors.

Managers under Genesis Vision can sell their cryptocurrency on the internal exchange. Every participant has a single transparent marketplace built on a smart contract which represents reliable information about the statistics of the network participant’s activities.

Benefits to Investors

One trading platform is accessible from all over the world and gives investors more comfortable access to managers. Investors can invest in the form of cryptocurrency or fiat currencies.

It ensures a transparent platform for profit distribution, wide-ranging investment portfolio opportunities available, and real-time trading history of all participants that are open to all.

Benefits to Private Managers and Funds

Managers also enjoy a heap of advantages using Genesis Vision. The platform offers participants the ability to reach a broad scope of investors, transparent reporting to ensure fair competition among all the managers, promotion strategies to attract investors, and unique a unique cryptocurrency granted to each manager that can be traded freely in the world.

The victories won

On the day of the launch of IСO, Google banned advertising company, as it turned out due to the fact that one of the phishing sites, cloned the Genesis, and then filed an advertisement and complained to Google that Genesis is a phishing. And Google did not understand and just deleted all the ads. But despite this, Genesis Vision showed good results.

Genesis Vision Token Sale

During the tokens sale, 3,327,482 GVT were sold. Thereby we attracted $2,836,724 for the Genesis Vision project development.

The total amount of GVT tokens: 4,436,643.

GVT is standardized on the ERC-20 Ethereum smart contract. The tokens can be utilized to profit distributions, investment operations and manager’s token trading on the internal exchange.

Genesis Vision is the ultimate platform to resolve all trust management issues with the blockchain based system. Further, the network is best to connect brokers, investors, and managers at one ecosphere. To find out more, you can read the whitepaper here.

Aisshwarya Tiwari

Aisshwarya is currently working as the Chief Editor at and holds more than 4 years of experience in the digital assets industry. He holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce with Honours and a post-graduate diploma in Liberal Studies. Before entering the crypto industry, Aisshwarya worked as an SAP Consultant for a global IT firm. He also cleared the CFA Level 1 exam before pivoting to the crypto industry due to its novel and exciting propositions.