Hawex.io review: A UK-based multi-functional financial system and crypto processor regulated by the FCA

Hawex.io review: A UK-based multi-functional financial system and crypto processor regulated by the FCA

The desire for change has always motivated humanity to innovate. The wish to improve and optimize imperfections, to create something new to simplify human life. Hawex IO is a fintech company bringing fresh approaches to the financial market.

Foundation of the Hawex IO

Hawex IO began to form in 2019 in Malta, but the founders decided to change its location to the UK a year later. This decision was taken because Malta was threatened with being included in the FAFT monitoring list. Hawex IO officially entered the financial market in 2021. The company is based in the UK and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Hawex IO is a financial ecosystem that simplifies the interaction of entrepreneurs with each other. The fintech company focuses on high-load financial services, such as banking for entrepreneurs, secure account opening and maintenance, internet acquisition and cryptoprocessing, payment providers, and legal and technical business support.

At first, the idea was to create a mobile bank that combines multiple functions to offset the inconvenience of existing banking systems for businesses. Its functionality was transformed during its development to grow and capture new aspects of Fintech. Eventually, the startup morphed to become a multi-functional financial system. 

The name of the company encourages it to develop. Hawex IO was formed from the word «hawk» and the ending «-ex» as «exchange». 

The hawk is a smart, bold, and tenacious bird that can look over large spaces and outline the trajectory of its brave flight. It soars high into the air, leaving natural landscapes far below to look at them from a new point of view. 

That’s why a hawk has become the symbol for Hawex IO. The company was looking for a fresh perspective to see new technical solutions in the landscape of familiar financial processes and to find ways to combine and synthesize them.

Convergence is a way to create a new fintech product: review of possibilities

More is needed to create a working product. It is necessary to adapt it to the needs and expectations of the client, so the work in the financial market does not look like a deep well for him. The Hawex IO team aims to create a reliable and thoughtful product. Developers analyze customer requests, analyze each case individually and look for harmonious solutions to meet customer needs. Users’ feedback and reviews help make the product better. At the same time, developers constantly ask themselves what the software should be like and why they should choose a product over others on the market.

Hawex IO optimizes existing software to fix the inconvenience and strengthen weaknesses. So that the client receives a well-functioning system that works flawlessly and without additional manipulations. For example, if we are discussing working with financial services, Hawex IO can combine several software solutions and use its development and partner offers as a white-label model. The synthesis of this software creates the full working service. Hawex CEO Romans Nekrutenko emphasizes that the fintech platform is constantly improving to port as many services as possible to its original developments.

An essential step towards the company’s self-sufficiency will be the presentation of its crypto-processing and a custodial wallet to optimize the entire process of financial turnover for clients.

Fintech from Hawex IO perspective: crypto-processing and mobile banking app

Card acquisition and crypto-processing are tools for convenient transactions. Internet acquisition is a technology that allows online debit and credit card payments worldwide. The boundaries between the digital and physical world have become steadily more indistinct in recent years. So this requires an end-to-end payment solution for customers, which is why Hawex designs products to support all types of payments.

As part of crypto-processing, Hawex acts as a platform for accepting, storing, and withdrawing capital from individuals toward a business. With Hawex IO, the client can legally connect crypto-processing and accept payments from bank cards and crypto wallets. Customer reviews show how relevant this opportunity is.

It helps to build any payment scenarios regardless of the form of money, including crypto, cards, or e-wallet. Users can route reception from one method and output to another in any way they like, split between different payment methods. Crypto-processing with Hawex IO allows for building deep payment routes.

The main task for Hawex IO is to create a seamless connection between the fiat and crypto worlds. So this goal is carried out at the expense of the mobile application’s ecosystem. Hawex mobile application retains the benefits of both payment options and provides the user with financial independence. The application organizes the infrastructure for clients so they can open an account for themselves and use their cryptocurrencies in both ways by non-custodial and custodial wallets without additional conversion. With the Hawex mobile banking app, a client can get a virtual or physical crypto card, link it to Apple Pay and Google Pay, and make payments worldwide using cryptocurrencies from a custodial wallet. Of course, the client can manage his crypto assets in the WEB3 wallet through our app.

Bringing together like-minded people

As a rule, startups are formed among like-minded people. At the beginning of all plans, strategies, and technical developments, there is always a bold idea to create something unique and synthesize new approaches to turn over the usual imperfect system. The desire for novelty and improvement in the quality of one’s life is the most natural thing for a person. All social institutions throughout human history are in dynamic development. In the 21st century, everything changes quickly. Hence, a person needs to generate new solutions, adapt to the latest, and keep his fuse. A high-quality product is created by people who know and remember why and for whom they made it and what they wanted at the beginning of their journey.

That’s why Hawex IO is very attentive to the selection of its employees. Now there are less than a hundred people on the staff, some freelancers working primarily on developments for Hawex. This approach allows us to work not just with professionals in their field but with professionals who sincerely care about the result and make every effort to turn the idea into a working system. 

Coordination with reliable partners is the minimum set needed to start a business. This only sometimes guarantees success because many interfering factors exist in any market. But working with people who are ready to prompt and assist helps to bypass many pitfalls and turn mistakes into the experience. It’s always better to learn from someone else’s experience.

Romans Nekrutenko said:

“Hawex IO analyzes the fintech market and the experience of other businesses. This allows us to see the prospects and better understand the risks. Therefore the Hawex team values useful cooperation and is ready to help their clients integrate into the business environment.”

Hawex IO carefully develops SaaS products for financial institutions, living to its name and setting global goals for the foreseeable future. In February, the mobile banking application will open new opportunities for financial market users. Later on, in 2023, Hawex IO will release the SaaS mobile banking application and exchange to serve legal entities and individuals. 

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