ImmutableX to launch web3 gaming passport system

ImmutableX to launch web3 gaming passport system

ImmutableX launches a set of gaming initiatives in web3 in April 2023. They include an authentication solution, a non-custodial wallet, and the gamer’s profile.

Immutable Passport launch

After comprehensive research by the ImmutableX R&D department, the scaling system operating on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain announced the launching of its Immutable Passport in April to bolster the onboarding of new gamers to the web3 platform. The tool presents an all-in-one mode for onboarding gamers.

Through a press release, the company indicated that its team unraveled features such as plug and play, security, modes of onboarding, and compliance to the list of aspects each development studio incorporating web3 faces.

Features of the new ImmutableX tool

The tool to be deployed in the market operates like a non-custodial wallet. It also functions as a solution authenticator and gamer profile, like an Apple ID or Gamertag in Xbox. Its usage does not prompt users to input passwords, indicating that ImmutableX is not interested in holding private keys for the users.

The immutable new development comes with a suite of tools fitted into the Immutable Passport that includes a protected digital wallet that is safe from any form of fraud and adaptable to all marketplaces and web3 games. In a statement, Immutable noted that the ready-to-launch tool would improve the services of web3 gaming agencies and attract multiple audiences while maintaining the studio’s security. The company assured all studios ready to use Immutable Passport access to players in the ImmutableX platform.  

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder and president of ImmutableX, indicated that the growth of web3 gaming requires invisible onboarding, safe and compatible with all platforms such as desktop or mobile. He noted that the new item by Immutable provides all the needs of web3 gaming studios. The users only require signing into the system by email and then enjoying the gaming experience at lower costs.

Strides in web3 gaming

Last November, the Tezos Foundation signed a deal with Unity, a game developer, to create web3-based games for its ecosystem. The coming together of the two companies increased the adoption of web3 gaming. The deal saw Unity get approval to create a software development kit (SDK) for the web3 blockchain.

Xternity also announced securing funding worth $4.5 million from distinguished investors to create web3 games that facilitated its BETA version in the web3 platform. The platform incorporates an NFT platform, customized wallet, and multi-chain API games.

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