India: Kerala Offers Free Course on the Fundamentals of Ethereum Blockchain

India: Kerala Offers Free Course on the Fundamentals of Ethereum Blockchain

The Indian state of Kerala is offering zero-cost online courses to individuals keen on learning about the fundamentals of the Ethereum blockchain.

Betting on Ethereum Education

According to a report by onmanorama on September 16, the Kerala Blockchain Academy is giving an opportunity to computer science enthusiasts to add an Ethereum blockchain credential to their CV by completing a 1-month long online course to learn the very basics of the world’s leading smart contract platform.

For the uninitiated, the Kerala Blockchain Academy is a state-run initiative undertaken by the Government of Kerala under the Indian Institute of Information and Technology and Management, Kerala.

The Kerala Blockchain Academy is focused on offering blockchain-related education and training in multiple domains that could help professionals propel their career in their desired stream.

The course is offered on Ethereum blockchain comprises of step by step guide to developing decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain. As of today, the Ethereum blockchain is the leading smart contract platform in the world and is host to the rapidly developing decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT) landscapes.

Notably, the self-paced program is for a duration of 1 month and deeply covers the foundations of the Ethereum blockchain and the various methodologies and guidelines that must be adhered to for developing dApps on the platform.

India Keen on Blockchain Education

Students that enroll in the program will be taught Solidity to interact with and develop smart contracts to better understand Ethereum’s advantages and features, the institute noted.

Notably, the course also promises to offer the most up-to-date material and students can benefit from the 1-month free access to the course to learn the basics at their own pace.

Successful students who clear the course with merit will have the opportunity to propel their career as Certified Ethereum Developers.

What’s more, students who clear the course with merit will be offered a 50% discount for the master’s degree of Ethereum blockchain named Certified Ethereum Developer Program by the Kerala Blockchain Association.

In related news, BTCManager reported on June 15 that blockchain-based courses are among the most sought-after in India among individuals looking to advance their career.

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