Introducing The First Web3 Privacy-Preserving SSO for Digital Identity Verification – Humanity Check

Introducing The First Web3 Privacy-Preserving SSO for Digital Identity Verification – Humanity Check

According to a recent post, Unstoppable domain (UD) is launching Humanity check, a single sign-on (SSO) option that will protect users’ private data in Web3.

What are the Prospects?

Humanity Check is an identity layer that you can add to your Unstoppable Domain, both verified and completely private. You can use Humanity Check to authenticate that you’re a unique person to an app to enhance your experience and get incentives without giving that app any confidential info.

Digital identities have existed for a long time. In Web2, though, they’re dispersed across several platforms and networks that we didn’t create or own. If we wish to utilize them, we had to allow them to use us in return.

Each day, we naively give firms personal data in return for online experiences, whether using an app, playing a game, or visiting a website. Big internet businesses own our social network IDs, chat messages, videos, and whatever else we produce online, not us, the creators. They have the authority to remove our handles, spy on us, ban us, and gain billions by monetizing our personal information to fuel their lucrative advertising business.

The foundation of this people-first internet is self-owned and governed virtual identities. Our online profiles have digital rights equal to our physical rights on the internet. They give people back power and ownership while allowing for a more dynamic and multi-faceted online world.

We’re among the fortunate few who have the opportunity to witness a fundamental change – the shift from Web2 to Web3. This shift isn’t only about technology; it’s also about how we think about a critical aspect of ourselves: our identity.

What Does Humanity Check Promise?

To fulfill Web3 user goals, the framework will allow users to explore a variety of options.

Users will be allowed to own and control data. It would be best if you had complete control over your data, including choosing what to share and what not to share with apps. New financial opportunities develop as we shift data control from businesses to individuals since you may now rent, sell, or license personal data and content you generate online.

Private data will also be stored securely because data such as payment addresses, medical records, physical addresses are too large and sensitive to be on-chain. Such data should not be tied to your online identity. It should, instead, be stored securely to enhance your privacy.

Users will also enjoy portability and bid bye to closed systems that exist within a variety of apps. You can take all of your connections, engagements, upvotes, karma, POAPs, and achievements with you wherever you go.

Here are the Humanity Check Pros 

Your privacy is enhanced because the protocol adds a layer of verification while maintaining user privacy. Humanity Check generated a unique ID number that apps use to verify identification. 

You will be in control over your data and apps that your verification can be shared with, and the verification process is fast and straightforward. Additionally,, there will be great rewards after completion of the humanity check process

You can now get your NFT Domain, build your digital identity, and enjoy the benefits of being you.

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