Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary says he would back SBF again

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary says he would back SBF again

Despite the current FTX turmoil significantly impacting the crypto craze, some crypto enthusiasts like Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful) still have faith in the ill-fated company‘s founder. 

Why O’Leary still believes in the troubled company

According to an interview with Altcoin Daily, Kevin O’Leary said he would still back Sam Bankman-Fried. O’Leary believes that SBF was an outstanding trader well-known in the network, and he built a phenomenal platform.

“But he was one of the most brilliant traders in the crypto universe.”

He said.

The four times Emmy Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful believes that FTX was a robust platform that he used actively, and it helped him access information in terms of compliance.

“He also built one of the most robust platforms; we have used FTX actively. It was a very robust platform that allowed us to get information on a complaint basis. So, I really like what he built.”

He added.

The bankruptcy woes surrounding FTX and SBF have caused an uproar in the crypto universe, and regulators globally have been on the move to seize its assets.

Furthermore, it is obvious what the crypto community thinks about what SBF did with FTX. “I think we can all admit you can love him or hate him, given what’s happened.”

When he was asked the second time, “Would you back him?” O’Leary replied, “The answer would be yes.”

Nonetheless, a month earlier, O’Leary said in an interview that FTX was the safest place to be where you can be free from any trouble in the crypto network.

“If there’s ever a place I could be that I’m not gonna get in trouble, it’s gonna be at FTX.”

He claimed.

It seems he was wrong, or simply put, the crypto ecosystem is quite volatile and highly unpredictable.

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