Musk-DOGE saga continues as coin’s logo dethrones Twitter’s blue bird

Musk-DOGE saga continues as coin’s logo dethrones Twitter’s blue bird

Twitter users were bewildered when the Dogecoin logo suddenly replaced the platform’s renowned blue bird logo. As always, Elon Musk was behind the decision. In this article, we’re dismantling Twitter’s new CEO’s love-hate relationship with crypto.

This audacious move was orchestrated by Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who is currently seeking the dismissal of a $258 billion lawsuit accusing him of intentionally manipulating Dogecoin’s value. 

As a result, the value of DOGE skyrocketed by a whopping 35% in a single day, hitting a high of $0.1026 on April 3.

And the excitement didn’t stop there. As of April 4, DOGE was still making waves, with a surge in trading volumes and a current trading price of $0.101.

The Musk-DOGE saga continues

With Elon Musk’s unabating enthusiasm for Dogecoin, the Tesla CEO has earned himself the moniker “Dogefather.”

His whimsical and passionate tweets have turned the tide for the meme-based cryptocurrency, often causing significant spikes in its value. 

One of the most entertaining chapters in the Dogefather’s storybook was his Saturday Night Live cameo. He candidly dubbed Dogecoin “a hustle.” It caused mixed reactions in the market, and DOGE drastically dropped in value.

Musk’s captivating escapades with DOGE continue to charm the masses and shape the digital currency’s fascinating journey through the crypto realm.

Earlier in the past, Musk tweeted a picture of the ‘Doge’ mascot, dubbing it as Twitter’s new CEO and praising its ‘amazing’ qualities. 

With the DOGE logo usurping the Twitter’s blue bird, many are left pondering the enigmatic billionaire’s endgame.

The legal scuffle and Dogecoin

Dogecoin investors have recently filed a lawsuit against Musk, alleging that he deliberately inflated the cryptocurrency’s price by 36,000% within two years. 

However, Musk’s legal representatives have brushed off the lawsuit as a “fanciful work of fiction,” contending that his often quirky tweets about Dogecoin, such as “Dogecoin Rulz” and “no highs, no lows, only Doge,” cannot substantiate a fraud allegation.

In response to the logo swap, Dogecoin’s official Twitter account chimed in with a tweet mimicking the famed meme’s style: “Very currency. Wow. Much Coin. How Money. So Crypto.” 

This tongue-in-cheek reaction only fueled the growing excitement surrounding the logo change and the subsequent surge in Dogecoin’s value.

Twitter on mobile: no DOGE in sight

Curiously, the mobile version of Twitter has remained unaffected, with the blue bird logo still present. 

This discrepancy between the desktop and mobile platforms has left users scratching their heads, speculating about the motives behind the change.

By embracing Dogecoin, Twitter may be positioning itself as an advocate for digital currencies, potentially opening the door for more cryptocurrency-related features and updates in the future.

Musk’s crypto influence: a double-edged sword

Elon Musk’s impact on the cryptocurrency market, particularly Dogecoin, has inspired admiration and criticism. 

While his tweets have often catapulted the value of Dogecoin, skeptics argue that this level of influence could lead to market instability and manipulation.

Musk’s sway over the crypto sphere will likely intensify with the DOGE army regaining momentum. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is abundantly clear: monotony is never a thing in crypto.

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