Polygon is Looking to Unveil GameSwift, a Web3 Gaming Platform

Polygon is Looking to Unveil GameSwift, a Web3 Gaming Platform

The online gaming ecosystem, GameSwift, has moved from the Terra blockchain to the Polygon network after a while with the former. Formerly known as StarTerra, GameSwift changed its name before moving to the Polygon Supernets.

Polygon Plans to Launch GameSwift

The popularity of blockchain-based gaming ecosystems follows the expansion of blockchain technology. Accordingly, Polygon Supernets combines a single gaming platform where users can play blockchain games and partake in initial game offerings (IGO). In addition, gamers can also engage in initial NFT offerings (INOs) to increase their chances of scoring a high.

Moreover, the scalability features of the platform also allow developers to launch their applications without any complicated procedures to follow.

Meanwhile, the project collaborates with several Web3 players like Hashed, SkyVision Capital, KuCoin Labs, Genesis Block Ventures, and others.

GameSwift currently has several Web3-based games on its platform. Microsoft Corporation became the first company to fund the StarHeroes game. The game is currently being built by former developers of CD Projekt Red, the firm known for creating The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

To make the network consumer-friendly, all products in the GameSwift ecosystem will play using a customized installer that will maintain and continually update the games to the latest edition.

Additionally, the service will come with GameSwift ID, which is a non-custodial, all-encompassing blockchain identity that will help Web3 developers seamlessly integrate different types of players.

Players can use the GameSwift ID to connect to any game on the platform. In addition, they can also manage the NFTs on the platform irrespective of the chain the assets are hosted on.

Due to their robust security, NFT domain profile administration solutions are crucial for web3 game engines. They provide increased security, making it easier to administer all blockchain-related processes on a single platform.

Access to the GameSwift ecosystem is seamless as players can use their Facebook, Google, or Apple ID to access the platform.

The Blockchain Game Booms 

Despite the numerous challenges, blockchain technology is foraying into different sectors. From healthcare to engineering to gaming, blockchain is taking over almost all production phases.

Blockchain gaming is becoming the next fad among the younger generation thanks to the explosion in cryptocurrency. With the emergence of NFT ownership, blockchain games have assumed another dimension, as players can redeem their rewards with NFT collectibles.

Moreover, unlike centralized gaming platforms, blockchain games aim to distribute limited digital assets and collectibles to players. Users of blockchain games can use cryptocurrencies and NFTs to exchange for fiat currencies they can spend. Additionally, players can also use NFTs and crypto to purchase in-game features. 

One key point in blockchain games is the possibility of players earning rewards for their activities. Before, players would spend hours playing games with no means of earning a token for their efforts. The coming of blockchain games changed the gaming landscape regarding rewards and other features.

The rise of the play-to-earn gaming model is why blockchain games are popular and will continue to be.

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