Shiba Inu Announces Its Metaverse and the Sale of Its Virtual Land

Shiba Inu Announces Its Metaverse and the Sale of Its Virtual Land

One of the most successful memecoins, Shiba Inu, has announced its metaverse and the sale of virtual real estate. They revealed the news on Feb. 7, 2022, on the Shibaswap blog page, where they detailed that they plan to energize the ecosystem this year. Additionally, the booking and purchase of the land will follow a queue system that will prioritize $LEASH holders.

Shiba Inu to Start Selling Virtual Real Estate in the Metaverse

Shiba Inu, the most successful memecoin of 2021, has come up with new developments as it announces the launch of their metaverse. The dog memecoin will allow the public to buy virtual land in the Shiberse metaverse. The bidding and sale of the virtual land will follow a queue system that will prioritize $LEASH hodlers. The selling process of the virtual land will involve an auction to allow bidding of the land after the official launch. However, the release dates of the sale are not yet confirmed, but they have promised that it will be ‘soon.’ Penny, a Shiba ecosystem developer,  had also hinted that something great was about to come. He tweeted that people should hold their ‘dog’s leash’ like pros.

What Is Shiberse?

Shiberse is the code name branded to the Shiba Metaverse. The metaverse is now competing with earlier projects like Axie Infinity, the Sandbox, and Mana Decentraland. These metaverses and gaming tokens allow users to purchase virtual lands, and $SHIB is now seeking to join the market. Even though Shiba Inu is a newcomer to the metaverse, it seeks to make impressive developments to benefit its holders and attract other enthusiasts. As a cryptocurrency, it already has the strong support of its investors. Regarding developments, the DEV team has prepared a queueing system to prevent high gas fees like with the past Shiboshi NFTs sale of 2021. The blog explains the Queue system to make the sale process fair and smooth for the ShibaArmy. The DEV team has also developed an anti-dump system to protect $LEASH holders from losses.

Shiba Inu and the Metaverse – A Worthy Bet?

The metaverse has been gaining traction for some time now. Many technology professionals believe that it is the future of the internet, and it will completely change reality and create vast opportunities. In 2020, the invention was worth about $478.7B. Now, investors are rushing to invest in ready projects, with some developing their iterations. Large companies like Nike, Microsoft, and Meta have spent largely on plans regarding the metaverse. These early investors in the metaverse seek to become technology leaders, and Shiba Inu also dreams of the same. In the blog post, the Dog memecoin revealed that they would be the leader in the metaverse, but their projects are still in development. They also claimed that Shiberse is only the codename to their metaverse, and investors should expect the real name to drop this month. Even though the metaverse is still young, Meta announced revenue of $2.2B from their metaverse project. Therefore, the metaverse might be highly profitable for early investors with the right adoption. However, it is still risky for the same reason(it’s young), making it necessary to research deeply before investing.
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