T-Systems MMS to Boost the Development of the Polkadot Ecosystem

T-Systems MMS to Boost the Development of the Polkadot Ecosystem

Deutsche Telekom Subsidiary T-Systems MMS has announced its participation in securing and maintaining Polkadot’s network. The company has also revealed that it has also purchased an undisclosed amount of DOT tokens.

T-Systems MMS Partners with Polkadot to Help Maintain Its Blockchain

German telecommunication giant T-Systems MMS has partnered with Polkadot to help maintain and come up with cross-chain communication solutions. According to the company, the joint efforts will particularly help enhance the Parachain communications and other networks too. 

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions is a subsidiary of  German Telecom giant T-Systems GMBH. It is not the first time for this subsidiary to work closely with a crypto company. It has previously partnered with Chainlink, Dapper Labs, and Celo.

The company also has a goal to help in building secure communication between different blockchains. Therefore, the completion and success of this partnership will tally in their books as an achievement towards their mission.

The company also noted that interoperability is the main challenge facing today’s crypto industry. They have also noticed the innovative development of the Polkadot innovation that involves the interoperability of different chains.

How T-Systems MMS Plans To Help Improve Polkadot

Polkadot now has fully functional Parachains. It has a main chain known as the Relay Chain and subsidiary chains known as Parachains that intercommunicate when working. Therefore, T-Systems MMS plans to help as a validator in this setup. It will help secure the communications between the chains and create a seamless flow of information between them.

The company will also offer its Open Telkom Cloud feature allows for enhanced security and proper operation of the network. This feature meets the requirements of the European Legal Framework for use in such a project. T-Systems MMS also revealed that the feature also supports decentralization, thus enhancing the whole network’s resilience. 

According to the head of blockchain solutions at T-Systems MMS, DR. Andreas Dittrich, it’s the company’s tradition to support such partnerships. Polkadot is a homogenous multichain network that allows other chains to function using a shared security system. Therefore, they believe that the network targets to be a connected world in the future.

Polkadot Continues Making Innovations To Support Its Ever-Growing Ecosystem.

Recently, Polkadot announced the launch of the first five Parachains on its chain. These chains will help the network reach its goals of supporting complete inter-blockchain communication.

These Parachains work individually, but they also rely on a central blockchain called the Relay Chain. It ensures that the other chains in the network communicate seamlessly.

For the whole network to remain decentralized, each Parachain must follow its security protocols and conform to the relay chain. These Parachains also have extra layers of encryption to enhance security and smart contracts for DeFi.

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