The Bohemian Noble Family Will Host the Second NFT and Blockchain Exhibition

The Bohemian Noble Family Will Host the Second NFT and Blockchain Exhibition

The 14th-century Bohemian aristocratic family Lobkowicz is getting set to host the second NFT exhibition, which aims to bring together conventional art and blockchain technology. The NFT exhibition is expected to debut for a second time in the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle on October 27, 2022.

What’s in It for Those Set to Attend?

The show highlights how blockchain technology may draw greater attention to history and historical art while commemorating cultural heritage. The NFT exhibition will be free to the general public and will finish on November 13 to draw in as many visitors as possible. The artists’ works will be displayed for visitors, including Banksy,  Jonathan Monaghan, Zhang Huan, Daniel Arsham,  and CROSSLUCID. Selected exhibit items are being sold on offer in an online national auction. Czech composer Antonin Dvoák is the inspiration for the exhibition’s topic. 

The family is introducing a participatory cultural experience. Guests will take a train from Prague to Nelahzeves. They can engage in technologically advanced historical activities. A gamified scavenger hunt is one of the events; it’s practical experience with blockchain technologies.

According to them, the role of traditional art in the NFT community, potential uses for blockchain technology, and issues surrounding its usage are just a few of the issues that leading specialists in Web3 infrastructure and the art world will discuss. Only one of the panels is put on in association with the European Commission.

NFTs have already been employed to draw attention to museums like the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Lobkowicz’s Non-fungible Castle Mission

Blockchain technology is a factor worth critically examining according to the Non-Fungible Castle 2022 mission. According to them, this aims to rediscover, communicate, and protect their cultural identities. It has a display of NFTs that showcase various artistic expressions and act as a permanent cultural record. According to them, exploring how the art world may use blockchain technology to celebrate their legacy, create a community of cultural stewards, and promote storytelling to reconnect with their cultural origins is possible through a cultural program and discussion platform.

How the Future May Restore the Past

Around 200 people attended the celebration that the family organized in the same spot in 2021. Over 52 restoration initiatives in the Lobkowicz Collections have been funded thanks to money from the NFT exhibition.

The charity endeavor of the Lobkowicz collection will also be supported by the proceeds from the 2022 online auction plan. The idea is to rebuild and renovate the Nelahozeves home where Antonin Dvoák was born. The area is being turned into a site of importance for world music history. A museum will be devoted to his life and music, educational programs, workshops, and family-friendly performances.

The House of Lobkowicz originated in the Czech Republic, and its most well-known ancestor was Joseph Franz Maximilian Lobkowicas, born in 1772. The prince from a noble family supported Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven’s third, fifth, and sixth symphonies were among the pieces he had dedicated to him.

It is possible to purchase conference and cultural event tickets that also function as NFTs that grant token-gated admission to the events. This access is possible through collaboration with the Czech software design and engineering company STRV.

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