Uniswap wins the Web3 dev gaming competition Battle Of Titans

Uniswap wins the Web3 dev gaming competition Battle Of Titans

Uniswap team has won the web3 dev gaming competition that recently occurred. Teams from companies such as Ledger, Uniswap, NEAR, Polygon, Chainlink, OKX, Bybit, and Yield Guild Games competed in the tournament, which was hosted by the on-chain gaming ecosystem MatchboxDAO and broadcast on Twitch. 

The tournament was coordinated by Starkware-based on-chain gaming ecosystem MatchboxDAO, a group of developers, artists, and designers working together to build on-chain gaming infrastructure with StarkNet.


This esports tournament is specifically designed to encourage developer participation. The objective of the gaming competition, which the group has nicknamed the Web3 firms’ version of the World Cup, is to decide which company employs the most talented technical personnel.

How does the dev game work

On-chain games for developers use a unique tactic by focusing on strategy games in which players program their ideas using smart contracts. These games are designed specifically for developers. Players need a high level of technical understanding, inventiveness, and agility to be successful in games like 0xMonaco and others like it in the future. MatchBoxDAO said it would give developers a satisfying experience while also entertaining viewers by employing visual simulations that detailed the precise code logic used during the round.

Uniswap, Polygon, and OtterSec were three companies that made it to the final round. Uniswap emerged victorious after the three participants engaged in a very fought final. Developers played a racing game in the manner of Mario Kart. The game rewarded technical skills and utilized smart contracts for the cars that were used on each team.


Even though it is becoming more popular for Web3 games to have their assets on-chain rather than the actual gameplay, 0xMonaco is an on-chain game.

Before the race begins, each team is responsible for developing a strategy for utilizing the resources available to them to accelerate, fire shells or super shells, or purchase a shield. Each of these activities costs coins. At the beginning of the game, each participant is given a starting balance of 17,500 coins.

As a direct consequence of the ongoing impact and development of the Web3 ecosystem on the gaming industry, game developers are progressively shifting their focus away from play-to-earn models and focusing more on the gameplay aspects of the platforms on which their games are hosted.

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