University of Sharjah Partners with BSV Blockchain to Create a Blockchain-based Metaverse Project

University of Sharjah Partners with BSV Blockchain to Create a Blockchain-based Metaverse Project

A deal to preserve the UAE’s culture and heritage as NFTs has been struck between the University of Sharjah (AUS) and the BSV Blockchain Association. The two entities launched a joint research and development project to move the UAE’s cultural identity to the metaverse.

UAE Plans to Preserve Its Culture in the Metaverse as NFTs

The collaboration with the Swiss-based BSV Blockchain Association aims to preserve the culture of the Gulf Nations in the metaverse as NFT. With the collaboration, the University of Sharjah will claim digital asset ownership and list it on the marketplace. 

According to Professor Maamar Bettayeb, the project will further strengthen the relationship between his institution and the blockchain industry. In addition, it would also provide use cases for digital assets like NFTs and the metaverse. 

Prof. Bettayeb added that the new initiative is monumental to the history of all Arabic and Islamic legacies in the Middle East region. Aside from the research and development focus of the project, the UoS is also helping to boost the UAE’s economy by translating the UAE’s vision into a digital format.

Jimmy Nguyen, president of BSV, commented on the partnership that the UAE government is committed to building and implementing cutting-edge blockchain technology. The UAE is a progressive environment for blockchain-driven firms globally. 

BSV is pleased to partner with UoS to build innovative blockchain solutions. This would provide a platform to preserve the history and culture of the region.

Nguyen added that the project would pave the way for a new blockchain-based platform to create jobs for technology graduates. In addition, a new digital artwork economy in a virtual marketplace featuring NFTs would benefit the UAE and its surroundings.

UoS Integrates Smart Contracts for Blockchain Adoption

The UAE is a highly conservative society, perfectly blending modern architecture with traditional elements to create a working environment. With its numerous physical inheritances, the research aims to preserve the unique heritage of the kingdom for the younger generations. Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy, the study’s lead researcher, noted that most new generations and expatriates know next to nothing about the region’s history. 

Al Hemairy disclosed that the research is focused on deploying blockchain technology to preserve the intellectual property of the Emirati ruling families. It also aims to develop a virtual gallery to display the UAE’s Islamic and Arabic history and antiques.

However, the projects would be in the form of NFTs in the metaverse backed by the Switzerland-based BSV Blockchain. The lead researcher added that the projects would adopt smart contracts to transfer the UAE’s heritage into a decentralized and automated ecosystem.

The metaverse is a huge money spinner for any serious-minded nation as interest in virtual space continues to grow. 

Many firms and businesses in Dubai have expressed their intentions of venturing into the metaverse. Analysts estimate this would inject nearly $500 million into the UAE’s economy.

The latest agreement will see the UoS begin a multi-phased research program for the metaverse project.

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