What Are the Pros and Cons of Holding a Wedding on the Metaverse?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Holding a Wedding on the Metaverse?

On June 14th, 2022, Kevin Price Boateng became the first football player to marry in the Metaverse. The former Ghana international tied the knot with the love of his life, Italian girlfriend, Valentina Fradegrada. This is not the first and will most likely not be the last time a metaverse wedding occurred. For those of you who are wondering if virtual weddings are really anything special, here are the pros and cons of holding a wedding on the metaverse.

Pros of Metaverse Weddings

Host More Guests: No Guest List Drama

Metaverse weddings allow the weds to have as many guests as possible. Consider this! A couple makes wedding arrangements. They plan everything from the venue, the number of guests, and even the guest arrangements.

However, at the last minute, one of the guests shows up with a plus one who is not on the guest list. Of course, this new addition could easily ruin the entire wedding. It could cost large sums of money to solve such problems in a short timeframe.

Moreover, physical weddings could easily lead to guest list drama. Family, friends, and acquaintances could complain if not invited to the wedding.

However, the Metaverse offers participants utter convenience. There is always space for one more. As such, the Metaverse offers the convenience of the guest list. Once you decide to wed on the Metaverse, you will avoid problems such as guest list drama. None of your friends and acquaintances will feel left out. For instance, in an Indian metaverse wedding, the groom, Dinesh Siva, said that even 10k people could attend his wedding.

Fewer Costs Involved

Metaverse helps in curing costs. An average wedding in the US could cost about $28K. While expenses such as food and clothing are often quite high, weddings’ biggest financial demand is the venue. So, what if you could host a wedding by cutting down all the costs?

That’s’ what the Metaverse gives you. Within the Metaverse, there are little to no costs involved. You don’t need a venue; people can watch everything in the comfort of their homes. Moreover, costs such as food are also not included. The only costs involved are those connected to the smart contract or NFT-related costs.

Endless Customizability

Weddings are often in some formal settings. You can attend weddings in elegant halls like a church building. Some traditional halls do not have ACs, have too much noise, and uncomfortable chairs. Still, others could choose an informal setting, like outdoor weddings. Imagine spending the whole day trying to hide from the scorching sun. Essentially, the whole wedding could have lots of problems because of lacking customizability.

So, what if you could customize your wedding experience? What if you could get the look you have always dreamt of? The Metaverse allows you to customize nearly everything and get the metaverse wedding of your dream.

In the Metaverse, you can add and customize your avatar with the appearance of your choice. You can customize the venue and change the theme to match all your preferences. Basically, with the Metaverse, you get endless customizability.

Cons of Metaverse Weddings 

Tech Requirements: Internet and Computing Devices

The Metaverse takes advantage of futuristic and advanced technology. You must have a very good computer and quality internet to participate or see anything in the Metaverse.

Yes, currently, many people globally have mobile phones and computers that allow them to access the Metaverse. However, there is still a large chunk of people around the globe who dont have access to good phones that support blockchains and Metaverse.

Internet is also a massive requirement associated with metaverse weddings. Yes, live stats indicate that there are over 5 billion internet users in the world. However, in many developing countries, the internet is quite expensive, and sometimes, people get low-quality internet. People with no internet cannot hold metaverse weddings.

Suffers From Tech Problems

The blockchain space is still pretty much new, suffering from tech-related problems. For instance, blockchain hacks and problems have been quite prevalent over the past few months. Event large networks like Ethereum, Cardano, BSC, and Solana face massive tech-focused problems.

During the pandemic, many switched to zoom for meetings and weddings. But from time to time, problems like; people forgetting to mute, unmute and switch on videos were prevalent. Now, realize this, metaverse weddings will suffer from similar problems as the ones we saw in zoom meetings.

Tech Literacy and Usability

Also, there is the aspect of ease of use. This new blockchain and metaverse tech is not easy to use, especially for rookies. Now imagine inviting hundreds, maybe thousands of people to your wedding, only for half of them to miss out because they dont understand what to do with the link you sent them. Yes, lacking literacy is a problem.

Final Word

The wedding industry is one of the most popular and advanced in terms of technology. For that reason, choosing to hold your wedding on the metaverse makes a lot of sense. Not only does it offer you all sorts of upgrades when it comes to giving your guests a unique experience, but you can also earn some extra revenue by selling virtual gifts for them.

The Metaverse has provided an amazing platform for holding a wedding. The level of customization available in the Metaverse is unmatched when compared to other forms of events such as traditional weddings and parties. Metaverse weddings offer customizability advantages while allowing people to host more guests and incur fewer costs. However, there are tech-related cons that could make metaverse weddings quite inefficient. 

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