BinaryX: BNX to undergo a 1:100 split

BinaryX: BNX to undergo a 1:100 split

Today, BinaryX, a platform that supports GameFi and Initial Game Offering (IGO), announced that it would divide its BNX coin with a 1:100 split ratio.

The project team decided to proceed with the separation after conducting a DAO vote and receiving almost universal support (99.5%). 

An announcement on the precise timeframe for the split will be made on the various social media and community channels managed by BinaryX.

As soon as the BNX is separated, every consumption scenario from the old BNX will be moved to the new BNX. Both in-game and output situations will experience the same consequences due to the split (for example, CyberChess Weekly Prize, Hero prices).

BinaryX to add new games

In addition to the BNX token split, the firm’s team revealed their intentions to increase the number of available games. BinaryX, whose BNX peaked at its all-time high in December, will provide a sneak preview of a long-awaited upgrade to their main game, CyberDragon, and a new product they will release called Project M. 

In line with that, the group also said they want to add virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) games to their product selection later in the year. Additionally, the group actively accepts submissions from VR projects seeking financing help and consulting services. There will be consistent communication of updates via BinaryX’s community channels and across social media platforms, such as Twitter and Discord.

Familiarizing with BNX and BinaryX

BNX is the platform token of BinaryX. It is a utility token that can be used for all activities on the BinaryX ecosystem, such as participating in games and contributing to the incubation fund. This step to divide the token would reduce the barrier to total spending, raise the token’s acceptability among new users, and subsequently promote the adoption of BNX across a larger public.

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