Bitcoin Price

The price of Bitcoin on June 21 is hovering around $21,183.20, which is slightly higher than its price on June 20, when BTC traded at around $20,516.41. The volatility of the world’s leading cryptocurrency has been quite strong throughout the month, as the bitcoin price has been unpredictable even for a day.

The BTC price was sitting around $19,047.42 on June 19, $20, 473.05 on June 18, $20, 408.69 on June 17, and $22,529.2 on June 16.  Bitcoin price has remained volatile throughout June, keeping traders and stakeholders on their feet.

The price volatility is not peculiar to the second and third week of June but relics can be found throughout June 2022. Bitcoin opened the month of June with its price pegged at $31, 865.75, it dropped significantly on June 2 to $29, 833.45, it gained a bit of momentum back on June 3, hovering around $30,481.01 before dropping again on June 4 to $29,741.14.

Bitcoin price slightly gained on June 5 by staying at $29,872.36 and the momentum continued on June 6, staying at $29,917 .76, before hitting its second-biggest number in the week on June 7, when it hit $31,372.58.

In May 2022 the bitcoin price action also exhibited the same moves as June, with the price of bitcoin remaining very unpredictable and volatile. The month opened with the price pegged at $37,713.27 and gained a bit on May 2, opening at $38,528.11 and ending the week at a price of $36,042.50 on May 7. The second week of May started on a downside, as the price opened at $35,502.94, before dropping on May 9 to $34,060.02 and significantly dipped to $30,273.65 on May 10. BTC finished the week with a price sitting around $29,285.64.


Bitcoin price in April was more favorable to the bulls than what was witnessed in May and June though it was not also immune to crazy volatility. The price of bitcoin opened at $45,554.16 in April and gained a bit of momentum on April 2, with another opening price of $46,285.50.

On April 3, the BTC price opened at $45,859.13 and finished the week hovering around the $43,207.50 price region on April 7.

The second week started on a bullish note, with the price of BTC opening at $43,505.41, however, the world’s flagship crypto could not sustain the upward momentum as price fell to $41,160.22 at the end of the week on April 14.