Club Tigres Fans Can Now Purchase Tickets with Cryptocurrencies

Club Tigres Fans Can Now Purchase Tickets with Cryptocurrencies

Club Tigres fans are now able to make crypto purchases with cryptocurrencies. The club partnered with Bitso last year, and this move is gaining ground with new partners Bitpay and Boletomóvil.

Exploring Cryptocurrencies

Daniel Vogel, Bitso Co-Founder and CEO, said,

“Our commitment is to make cryptocurrencies useful for all people. We love this agreement between Bitso and Boletomóvil that will allow the daily use of cryptocurrencies for our customers at Club Tigres sporting events, thus extending its use as a payment method for any type of event.”

Due to the increasing number of platforms supporting cryptocurrencies, new opportunities are being created in the industry. Even though Bitso has over 4 million users, Bitpay is an experienced platform that allows users to transfer and convert their digital currency quickly. 

Through its partnership with Bitso, the two companies aim to revolutionize the way payments are made using cryptocurrencies. Notably, Bitso is a sponsor of Mexico’s national football team and believes that cryptocurrencies can help the country’s football become more profitable. 

“Since we announced our partnership with Bitso we talked about the possibility of exploring new opportunities for the club, and today came the day to continue growing together. At the time, we already made the first transfer in women’s football through cryptocurrencies. Now we allow our fans to buy tickets to access matches through this platform,” said Tigres, president.

Rappi is Following Suit

In Colombia, delivery platform Rappi announced that it would be launching a pilot program in Mexico that will allow it to accept digital currencies. The company is also working with two digital currency companies, Bitso and Bitpay.

According to the co-founder and president of Rappi, the team decided first to build a product allowing customers to connect their digital wallets and exchange accounts. It will enable crypto conversion to Rappi credits which grant access to all the platform’s products. 

For the platform’s allies, it is an opportunity for a broader group to access the solution. Hence, Rappi can learn and keep integrating crypto into its platform.

For now, the program is only accessible to Mexico region users. Rappi will extend the service to other countries when the pilot phase is successful.

Fan Tokens Losing Steam?

Three years later, after fan tokens started showing up in the soccer industry, a lot is yet to be fulfilled. Most clubs brought about the tokens promising fans closeness to their favorite teams and making profits. However, they have proven a disappointment, with prices losing steam in just a few days.

Several professional football clubs like Manchester City, Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus, and PSG have created fan tokens. However, analysts have stated that the demand for these tokens quickly goes from exuberant to indifferent. They also criticize the lack of tangible benefits these tokens provide their owners.

Oliver Bell, the CEO of XCAD Network, noted that the issue is that the current generation of fan tokens is not being appropriately promoted or their utility. “The people buying them are not necessarily fans of the clubs at all; the only buyers are crypto enthusiasts,” she added.

Too Early to Determine?

Supporters of the concept of fan coins, such as Alexandre Dreyfus, say it’s too early to tell if they will be successful. They’re not intended to be an investment asset but rather provide a service.

“We’re seeing an uptick in interest from clubs in issuing fan tokens,” he added. Sports clubs are increasingly using fan tokens to reward their fans for their participation. These tokens can be used to purchase tickets, VIP experiences, and exclusive content.

Despite the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, some investors still believe that there is still an excellent opportunity to make money. They cite tokens such as PSG’s or Barca’s, having some token sales triggered by big news.

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