Digital assets market set to grow by $2.2bn annually through 2026

Digital assets market set to grow by $2.2bn annually through 2026

The digital currency ecosystem has been recording exponential growth over the years. The industry has been adopted widely and might be utilized as a significant economic foothold in the coming years, the report shows.

Per the report published by Markets and Markets, despite the drawdowns, the crypto environment is set to bring $2.2 billion per year until 2026. This suggests it will grow at a 7.1% in compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during forecast periods. Venture capitalists’ entrance into the ecosystem is among the critical factors for its development, as billions have been flawed in the market.

There is a potential rise in the demand for remittance in developing nations and additional operations and transparency in the financial systems. It is where crypto has emerged to set a score even at tracking data security in vast fields. This is a sign of unavoidability to the daily changing technological systems such as S&P, in which digital currency shows an aggressive impact as this one.

How crypto companies grew over several years

Many organizations have emerged in the space, including Coinbase and Binance. Matt Hougan, the CIO at BitwiseInvest and co-founder of Circle, stated that Coinbase began by raising funds accumulating to an $8 billion valuation in 2018. This was a period when Bitcoin had plummeted, yet it performed well. 

The San Francisco-based organization is currently trading at a $9 billion valuation. Its revenue was $520 million in 2018), and by 2022 it grew to $3.3 billion. Users in 2018 were 22 million. At the moment, they are 101 million. In addition, their locked assets were valued at $11 billion compared to today’s $101 billion.

Binance is another example of success in the crypto sector, despite the recent FUD. The exchange began via the money invested by crypto enthusiasts in the BNB token. The CEX went on to become the largest globally by daily trading volume.

According to the company’s website, Binance had a $1.2 billion average daily trading volume in 2018. At press time, it’s $7.1 billion.

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