Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) Spearheads ‘Nomination Program’ for Crypto Assets

Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) Spearheads ‘Nomination Program’ for Crypto Assets

DIFX unveiled its new corporate identity and a brand-new revolutionary feature called the “Nomination Program” at the Crypto Expo Dubai event. Deceased users on DIFX’s exchange will have their crypto assets transferred to designated beneficiaries under their pilot initiative.

DIFX’s Revolutionary Nomination Program

At the Crypto Expo Dubai event on March 16, Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX), a cross-asset fully insured Centralized Crypto Exchange (CEX), revealed its new corporate identity and a new innovative feature, the “Nomination Program” next to DIFX CEO, media and partners. In an effort to compete with established exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) has unveiled a variety of new services. A significant point to consider is what to do with your crypto when you die. The company’s CEO, Jeetu Kataria, spoke at the Crypto Expo Dubai about the company’s Nomination Program, which enables users to transfer their assets to beneficiaries in the event of their death, for example. According to Kataria, this program is the first of its kind and aims to alleviate clients’ “pain points, apprehensions, or obstacles.”
Kataria further stated, “This reflects our customer-centric approach and our firm belief in ensuring that trust and continuity of service are paramount even in the harshest circumstances,”
The exchange was founded in September 2021 and has since grown to the Middle East and begun laying the groundwork to enter the African and Southeast Asian markets. According to a press release, the exchange takes pride in being a “fully insured cross-asset” trading platform through its cooperation with Fireblocks, a major cryptocurrency custodian. Transferring assets after a person’s death is a major problem in the crypto world. According to Chainalysis, between $2.7 million and $3.79 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) has been lost, and several dormant addresses are thought to represent the addresses of deceased HODLers. The Crypto Expo Dubai is a two-day event that includes solutions from exhibitors, demonstrations from over 90 speakers, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and an award ceremony.

DIFX’s Achievements So Far

On January 27, 2022, The Digital Financial Exchange’s crypto utility token DIFX was launched on CoinMarketCap and swiftly rose to the top gainer rank with a 600 percent increase. Among the seemingly limitless number of cryptocurrency projects, DIFX stands out as a unique cryptocurrency exchange due to its revolutionary, fully guaranteed cross-asset ecosystem and its own utility token, also named DIFX. Indeed, the token has been identified as one of the most used pairs in both DEXTools and GeckoTerminal. As an educator, DIFX created an online academy to raise public understanding about crypto trading. An easy-to-understand interface that delivers the best tools for centralized and decentralized finance is what the DIFX Academy is all about for beginners, investors, and institutions alike. Crypto adoption has been pushed to new heights thanks to the DIFX Academy platform. DIFX is a revolutionary platform that intends to develop a hybrid exchange platform utilizing atomic swaps and blockchain technologies. The company’s efforts dissolve cryptocurrency exchange and payment remittance market trends. DIFX Academy’s mission is to educate traders, which will help DIFX achieve its aim.
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