Digital Pop Sensation, Polar Plans Move From The Metaverse To The Real World

Digital Pop Sensation, Polar Plans Move From The Metaverse To The Real World

Polar, the famous metaverse pop star, plans to move her performance from the metaverse to the physical world. The digital pop sensation’s team is looking to launch a real-life debut for Polar.

Polar’s Proposed Real World Debut

The metaverse-created singer exists only in the virtual environment and on some social media platforms. However, the establishment of a media firm, TheSoul Publishing, will expose the brand to its first real-time adventure.

The metaverse-based pop star made her virtual debut last year in a single album displayed on the video game “Avakin Life.”

Moreover, her TikTok account has about 1.6 million followers and over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

According to Victor Potrel, vice president of TheSoul Publishing, last month’s annual Solar Sounds Festival attracted over 4 million visitors, with fans interacting with the virtual singer.

Polar noted that she wants to perform in a real-world scenario in front of fans in a physical venue, which will likely be sooner than later.

However, Potrel added that while attention has been on the huge fans in the metaverse, the team is working hard to replicate the same in a real-world situation.

Merging real-world and virtual space in the future is possible because it will add more fluidity to the Polar brand.

How the Metaverse Can Redefine Entertainment

Believe it or not, the entertainment industry will get a huge boost with the emergence of the metaverse. Creativity will be jolted and given a new lease of life.

Even though high-end gadgets like virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses have yet to become mainstream, the metaverse is driving the narrative for making those devices more affordable.

However, the much-talked-about image clarity is still years away before it becomes a reality. The metaverse has spurred enough faith in people who believe that the virtual ecosystem has something to offer and complement the real world. 

Tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg have committed huge resources to develop a metaverse-centered company called Meta.

Another tech giant is Microsoft, the parent company of Google, which has made a strategic acquisition to prepare itself for the virtual space.

Although the metaverse concept does not seem to be the next big thing, the industry is preparing for it.

Some movie fans are skeptical of the metaverse project by asking questions about how the traditional theater will survive. The coronavirus pandemic has again thrown the debate about opening virtual movies and concerts into overdrive, as conventional infrastructure was not in use during the lockdown.

Whether or not the metaverse craze will triumph or abate is left to the stakeholders to decide. Still, supporters of the digital ecosystem opined that the changes to the traditional movie theater would be gradual.

Despite the divide, entertainment companies need not win over the entire world before they can successfully push the metaverse reality to consumers. There is still a significant number of fans who will see to it that the metaverse project will take over most of the showbiz space.

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