Emirates Airline Joins the NFT and Metaverse Experience Bandwagon 

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Emirates Airline Joins the NFT and Metaverse Experience Bandwagon 

As per a recent Twitter post, Emirates is expanding its metaverse experience for its customers and flight crews. Furthermore, it plans to launch NFTs, which enthusiasts can use as collectibles or for utility purposes.

Emirates Plans to Fly with NFTs

The airline also announced that the Emirates Pavillion would be restructured as an innovative hub to build its metaverse ideas and NFTs. Additionally, it wishes to onboard talent from all over the world to input their expertise in developing its ideas for the airline’s future. 

This step shows the progress of the futuristic airline, which has been taking steps to provide an immersive experience for its customers globally. So far, it stands as a top contender for providing the best flight services, including during the pandemic period. According to this update, its motivation towards getting onboard with technological advancements is clear.

In a period when web 3.0 is dominating the blockchain space, it is a good opportunity for platforms to take. Additionally, metaverses are creating a real-world experience in virtual spaces, eliminating the limitations there are in web 2.0 and other spaces. It also creates the doorways to multiple partnerships in different sectors, creating world-class solutions for individuals globally.

Dubai and the UAE Leading in Blockchain Adoption

Emirates airline is a product of the UAE, currently pioneering more developments related to blockchain technology within its government. Not only does the region recognize blockchain and crypto as the future of its economy, but it also believes in the disadvantages the technology presents. Dubai, one of the wealthiest cities globally, is embracing more real-world use cases for the technology, with a brighter focus on the project through the Dubai Blockchain Strategy.

According to Emirates CEO Sheikh Ahmed Hakim bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the whole region is navigating the digital space in a planned strategy. It has a significant focus on following legal guidelines and other applicable policies to protect its citizens, ensure data security, and make the most out of digital assets while leveraging AI technology.

In his opinion, this will not be the first time the airline is making the most out of advanced technologies to expand the depth of user experience it offers. While customers benefit, it also aims to improve the revenue it garners from its businesses, developing the airline in the long run. 

The Emirates VR App

It will not be the first time the airline has delved into the metaverse space as it introduced a 3D experience for users through the Emirates virtual reality application. Now, you can explore what it would be like to be onboard their planes, with the variety of classes it sustains to favor all customers. The VR is powered by Oculus, a company owned by Meta’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Anyone interested can access the app from a PC or mobile phone, including through its iOS and Android app. It stands as the first airline to unveil a VR application by Oculus. In time, the airline promises to unleash more features to favor all customers and employees for more comfortable flights globally.

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